CM Punk: How He Can Break Away from Paul Heyman and What Will Come Next

Chris Petlak@chrispetlakContributor IIINovember 29, 2012

CM Punk and Paul Heyman (Credit:
CM Punk and Paul Heyman (Credit:

There will soon come a day when Paul Heyman and CM Punk part ways and there's only one way for it to go.

Paul Heyman (and his balding pony tail) returned to the WWE in 2012 with Brock Lesnar. 

As we all know, Lesnar is not a full-time player in the WWE, but Heyman made an impact and was eventually paired with Punk to help him get over the hump to full-blown heel.

It's been a success. Punk went from one of the WWE's most beloved Superstars to one of the best heels the WWE Universe has seen quicker than Daniel Bryan losing the World Heavyweight Championship to a Brogue Kick. 

People hate Heyman and, in turn, hate Punk. 

Now, some may say that "hating" Punk is "cool" and just as Punk would say, you're just trying too hard to be ironic.

Allow me to pose this question for you: Would CM Punk be so strongly hated without Paul Heyman?

No he would not.

WWE Creative hit a home run when they paired these two up. Heyman set himself up nicely during his return with ultra-heel Brock Lesnar and WWE Creative embraced it.

Punk is a superstar. He's one of the best performers the WWE has ever seen and his mic work rivals The Most Electrifying Man in Sports & Entertainment.

When it comes time for Punk to ditch Heyman, he needs to destroy him. 

Punk's heel turn will continue to progress to the point that he doesn't have any use for Heyman any more. 

At that point—Punk will have to beat the living trash out of Heyman.

Imagine Paul Heyman being pulled out on a stretcher after (accidentally) interfering in one of Punk's matches.

Punk snaps and obliterates Paul Heyman with a GTS, an Anaconda Vise and more. Heck, let's throw a chair in there and just watch Punk lose his mind.

Punk can go on to cut promos about how he is so good he doesn't need Heyman or anyone else to slow him down and stand in his way.

"I'm the Best in the World. No one in that locker room is even in my league!"

After a week or two of that, guess what? Hit the jingle—Paul Heyman returns with Brock Lesnar.

Now, there's a match the WWE Universe would love to see. 

Punk vs. Lesnar.

Am I dreaming here? Certainly, but hey—there isn't anything wrong with that.