Sin Cara: The High-Flying Superstar's Long Road to Relevance in WWE

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst INovember 29, 2012


It is never easy to go from laughing-stock to serious competitor in such a short amount of time, but Sin Cara has done just that.

Before he was Sin Cara, he was Mistico—the high-flying luchador hailing from Mexico City whose popularity resulted in getting his own comic book.

Unfortunately, the popularity did not follow the newly-named Sin Cara to WWE programming. His first few matches were against the smaller WWE talent in order to showcase his skills.

Odd lighting and all, Sin Cara showed that he had the athleticism to thrive, but he botched moves very often.

He obviously could not transition to the style that WWE asked of him in such a short amount of time.

Any recognition that followed him from Mexico was quickly replaced by his clumsy botch-happy performances in WWE.

Sin Cara slowly rescinded to irrelevancy.

It was during that time that WWE suspended him for violating their wellness policy, but Sin Cara still managed to wrestle—only it wasn’t Sin Cara.

The original Sin Cara was temporarily replaced by Hunico. When the original came back, the temporary Sin Cara stuck around. This began one of the most confusing storylines in recent memory, as there were two identical Sin Caras with no clear reason why.

If one error-prone Sin Cara was bad, having two was worse.

The confrontation between the two did mark Sin Cara’s first legitimate feud. What transpired because of their feud may have, ironically, saved Sin Cara’s career.

In Survivor Series 2011, as he was attempting to dive out of the ring, he missed his opponent and ruptured his patella tendon, which forced him to take a lengthy time off.  

Since returning, he has been paired up with veteran Rey Mysterio in order to revitalize the tag team division. In the process, fans are able to see more of Sin Cara while he continues to get acclimated with the wrestling styles of his opponents.

He is slowly becoming relevant.

This is because the spotlight is no longer on only Sin Cara. Being paired up with Rey Mysterio, a former World Heavyweight Champion, has slowly separated Sin Cara from the botch-happy personality hardcore fans have loved to hate.

The possibility of a match between Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio is still lingering in the thoughts of many fans, especially now that they’re tag partners.

Having them interact early-on will set a precedent for a potential feud.

Depending on where WWE wants to take Sin Cara’s character, they can make either superstar a heel after a betrayal of his tag team partner.

Time will only tell if Sin Cara can reach his full potential in WWE, but he is definitely back on his way to being an important player in WWE. 


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