Gary Bettman Done? Time for the NHL to Move in a Professional Direction

Don GibsonContributor INovember 29, 2012

Does Dryden Have Game?
Does Dryden Have Game?Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman finally said something today that actually makes sense.

He stated that it might be time for representatives on both sides, NHL Executives such as himself included, as well as members of the NHLPA, to step aside so that progress might be made in the NHL talks. 

Executive Director Bill Daly affirmed this assertion:

"After spending several hours with both sides over two days, the presiding mediators concluded that the parties remained far apart, and that no progress toward a resolution could be made through further mediation at this point in time." 

Now, I am sure that Gary Bettman is a fine fellow, the kind of guy you could have a very nice conversation with, but he has now overseen the NHL through three work stoppages—1994, 2005, 2012.

Isn't it time that someone told him that it isn't good enough?

Forwards are judged by their goals, assists and plus/minus. Defencemen are judged by their plus/minus and hits. Goalies are judged by the goals against. Coaches are judged by their win/lose percentage.

NHL commissioners should be judged by games played.

This Industrial and Labor Relations lawyer from New York has now lost the NHL over 6,000 games— that's two and a half seasons—out of a total of twenty seasons   In other words, for every six seasons played, one is thrown in the garbage.

What other league comes close in terms of ineptitude? None.

When you're the commissioner, you need to be the commissioner of something. I mean, you can't act like you're the commissioner if there's nothing to be the commissioner of, right?

How can you call yourself the commissioner of hockey if there is no hockey? Doesn't he realize that all of the players have fled for Sweden, Switzerland and Russia?

The AHL is in the spotlight. Yes, the AHL. That's the development league.

As far as managing a group of people that work together to play in competitive sports towards a championship, this NHL egg is done.

Bettman's time has boiled over.  It's time to take him out of the negotiating room. It's time to get him out of the league offices and take him him far, far away.