Kaitlyn: Why You Should Care About WWE's Newest Star Diva

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Kaitlyn is the new breed of WWE Diva. In an age of cookie-cutter women, she stands out with her combination of beauty, brawn, confidence and swagger.

Her background as a fitness model and bodybuilder, her unique move set and the lack of any other true contenders makes her the future of the struggling division.

The recent departures of many of the women have left gaping holes. WWE.com even admits that the Divas Division seems to be diminished. 

Kaitlyn has stepped up to fill that void, becoming the No. 1 contender to the Divas championship, possibly changing the way the WWE looks at future Divas.

Her website, Kaitlyn-Online.net, notes she is a former fitness model who started competing at age 19. Because of her past, Kaitlyn has more confidence than many of the other Divas. (WWE.com)

This is part of what makes her different from the others on the roster.

She doesn’t need to be all smiles and unblemished perfection to sell herself to the fans. What she can do in the ring sells itself.

Her roster of moves includes devastating maneuvers and ruthless aggression. With her build, she pulls off power moves the other Divas shy away from using.

In the opening moments of her match with WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres, she pounded Torres’ head repeatedly into the mat.

She followed the champion outside the ring, hitting her with vicious kicks. She slammed Torres’ head against the announcers’ table.

When she shoved Torres from the top rope to the floor, there was a noticeable pop from the crowd.

WWE.com even notes that her torture rack could get the attention of any WWE Superstar.

She is not above selling her opponent to get a better match.

In her match against Aksana on Monday Night Raw, Kaitlyn sold the heel tactics of her opponent. She even went so far as to not appear as strong as she had the night before against Torres.

In the process, she made Aksana look like a serious threat in the ring. And in today’s WWE Divas Division, there aren’t too many serious threats anymore.

This lack of threats puts Kaitlyn in a comfy position as there is no one else who can take the title from Torres.

AJ Lee, who’s popularity easily overshadows Kaitlyn, is too busy in an affair angle with John Cena. Her feud with both Vicki Guerrero and Tamina Snuka means she’s out of the immediate title picture.

Former champion Layla seems to be only appearing in backstage vignettes. Alicia Fox is nowhere near title contention. Natalya, easily the most talented of the women, has been regulated to a joke.

With the WWE hiring indie darling Sara Del Rey as a trainer, the women may finally be getting a serious upgrade. Hiring more wrestlers like Kaitlyn, both beautiful and athletically gifted, would be the perfect way to regain respect for the division.

The WWE Universe needs to take note of this Diva.