Dolph Ziggler Must Defeat John Cena to Main Event in WWE

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2012

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Dolph Ziggler is a man on the way up in WWE.  He is Mr. Money in the Bank, he is being spotlighted more than he ever has on TV and he is currently feuding with the No. 1 face of the company.

But while all of this sounds extremely positive for Dolph, the fact is that without the help of the Superstar he is having issue with, none of it will be enough.  Simply put, Dolph Ziggler needs John Cena in order to get to the next level in WWE.

For many of you who may be shaking your heads right now, I assure you that your skepticism is not lost on me.  After all, John is not exactly known for being the man to put other talents over, at least not in the long term.  To be honest, for a man in John’s position, it’s actually a sticky subject.

Cena is the top dog, the man that everything flows through in WWE.  He is expected to win the majority of his matches, and he usually does.  This is how he became the talent that he is, the man considered to be nearly unbeatable.  

For John to put over Dolph at this point in his career could likely be viewed by some as passing the torch, and I believe that we can all agree that is not going to happen.  Dolph is a heel, after all, and a very good one at that.  And he has not truly been thought of as a marquee guy until right now.

But for me, a loss at the hands of Ziggler would not affect Cena very much at all.  John would live to fight another day and could move on as if it never happened.  

For Dolph on the other hand, a victory over John Cena could quickly become a career-defining moment, placing him even closer to the brass ring that is the World Heavyweight Championship.  

And without that rub, it could very well be that Ziggler’s forward progress will stop.

Yes, he has the briefcase, carrying the “contract” entitling him to a title shot whenever he’s ready to cash it in.  And yes, he can win the strap without receiving the John Cena stamp of approval.  But, would it mean as much?

Ziggler is finally to the point in his WWE career that he can be considered a serious threat to anyone he gets in the ring with.  He is very talented, respected among his peers for his hard work and recognized for it.  He has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time and now we are beginning to see the payoff.


@tomclarkbr @heelziggler Yes absolutely.No one better than Dolph.. My opinion.His timing and everything he does is off the hook.. BEST!!

— Bob Holly (@TheBobHolly) November 27, 2012


Add to that the fact that he was the sole survivor at Survivor Series, by beating Randy Orton, who has historically always had his number.  Now, you have a Dolph Ziggler who is more relevant than at any other time in his career.  

But for the majority of WWE fans to really take him seriously, I believe he has to have a meaningful victory over John Cena.  Of course, Dolph is a heel and heels cheat to win, so if John were to do the job, he likely would not lose cleanly.

Some fans may have a problem with this but the truth is, a win is a win.  Again, we have to remember that John’s issues with Dolph just recently began, and for Cena to ultimately put someone over by dropping a legal pin, there must be some time invested into the feud first.

The biggest problem though is that this match has already happened.  And, Dolph lost.

On the Nov. 26 edition of Raw, the two Superstars faced off and with some outside distraction between Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee, it looked as though Dolph would be able to get the win.  But when the three-count was made and Cena’s arm was raised, it truly hit home that if the Showoff hopes to be a main-event player in WWE, he has to get over this hump first.

The “scandal” that has been developing between Cena and AJ has become the storyline of the moment on Raw and Dolph Ziggler is heavily involved in it.  With little to no clue as to how this will all eventually end, it is providing a reason for Ziggler and Cena to have a rivalry.  And, it may just be the last spark that Dolph needs on his way to cashing in that blue briefcase.

Until Dolph Ziggler gets a quality win over John Cena, I believe that his rise in WWE is not what it could be.  Ziggler needs the rub and Cena needs his antagonists to be as strong as possible.  The only way to make that happen is for John to lose to Dolph.  It’s the logical next step for Ziggler’s WWE career, and it truly needs to happen.

But will it happen?