John Cena and A.J. Lee: Where Is Their Relationship Angle Going in WWE?

Drake OzSenior Writer IIDecember 3, 2012

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The longer that the ongoing angle between John Cena and AJ Lee draws out, the more it looks like the WWE has no idea where it’s actually headed. 

If you believe some of the rumors out there, you may have heard that this storyline is reportedly one big joke. According to, it’s apparently “a rib on Cena for his real-life affairs.”

Whether that’s true is up for debate, but if it is, that brings up plenty of questions. For example, if the AJ/Cena scandal started out as one big rib, then does the WWE actually have any long-term plans for it?

Probably not, right? 

When a storyline materializes out of someone’s need to mock a certain superstar, odds are that the angle was never given much serious thought. In turn, it results in one that, like many WWE angles, is booked on the fly.

After all, the WWE is notorious for being up-and-down with its relationship angles, especially recently. Remember that there was no real payoff to the relationship angle between Zack Ryder and Eve Torres earlier this year. AJ’s other love storyline (with Daniel Bryan) also ended in a very illogical manner when AJ inexplicably left Bryan to become Raw’s GM.

After seeing these recent relationship angles have very anti-climatic endings, logic says that the same will happen with AJ and Cena.

The WWE does have the opportunity to do some interesting things with this angle. One that many have considered is AJ turning heel by joining forces with Dolph Ziggler or it being revealed that she was in on everything with him all along.

That’s an interesting scenario, but one that certainly has its drawbacks because turning the WWE’s most popular Diva heel doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Then again, there aren’t a whole lot of sensible ways to end this angle.

Perhaps that’s because the AJ/Cena “scandal” isn’t much of a scandal at all.

AJ is single and so is Cena, so why should we care if they want to date? Better yet, why does Vickie Guerrero care when she’s dated both Edge and Ziggler while holding positions of power in the past?

If this angle made more sense than it does, then it might result in a climax that people care about or that actually matters. But since it makes virtually no sense at all, how it plays out ultimately doesn’t figure to mean much in the long run.

The only thing this storyline is really accomplishing is getting Ziggler a bigger push and more TV time, which is fantastic for “The Showoff” and his fans. But with this angle’s lack of long-term planning, neither AJ nor Cena figures to benefit much from any of it.

Since Cena is a top star and has been one for so long, there’s no need to put him in a relationship angle that is cheesy, corny and, despite what WWE wants us to think, not scandalous at all. Once the company realizes that, it will pull the plug on this angle for good. 

Exactly how that happens is anyone’s guess because there are so many ways to do it.

However, don’t expect AJ and Cena to be a long-term pairing. AJ doesn’t need it, and neither does Cena.

Instead, expect the AJ/Cena scandal to end in a way that makes little to no sense, one that makes you say, “What the hell just happened?” The Ryder/Eve drama ended out of nowhere, and the AJ/Cena/Bryan/Kane fiasco ended in essentially the exact same way.

At the end of each angle, the main Diva involved ended up with no one, and the main babyfaces involved moved on to other things. The same will happen with Cena and AJ.

One day when someone in the WWE decides to stop ribbing Cena, he and AJ will go their separate ways, even if their “split” lacks any logic whatsoever.


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