Do the Shield Need a Major WWE Superstar as a Leader to Get Over?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2012

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Ever since The Shield attacked Ryback at Survivor Series and cost him the WWE title, people have been asking who these guys are working for.

Because all three Superstars are virtually unknown to the casual fan, it seems logical to assume that WWE might pair them up with an established Superstar to get them over.

But do they need it?

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have created a huge buzz in WWE, and each week we have been waiting and hoping to find out more about this angle.

They claim to not be working for CM Punk or Paul Heyman, but are they telling the truth or are they working for someone else?

Are they working for anyone for that matter?

Almost every stable in recent memory has had an established Superstar at the helm, with the exception of Nexus, who were all NXT Superstars.

John Cena was in the group for about two minutes, but other than that it was all minor characters getting over on their own.

The Shield should be the same thing. These three men want to get their own spots, and having them work for someone else might be counterproductive.

The concept of having a bigger star get the other guys in the group over does not always work out as well as Evolution did in getting Batista and Randy Orton over.

CM Punk's Straight Edge Society doesn't have a single member still signed to WWE, the Corre served to help nobody, La Familia certainly didn't see Bam Neely or Hawkins and Ryder come out of it with a push, and let's not get into how many people were buried by the NWO.

Stables will often get Superstars over with the crowd, but it does not always make bigger stars by adding one big star to the mix.

The Shield is made up of three talented wrestlers who are more than capable of getting over with the crowd without the help of anyone.

3MB is in a similar situation, except, instead of being new they are three Superstars who have all struggled to stay relevant. Heath Slater might be the leader, but the group is not being led by a major Superstar.

Groups don't always need a leader, especially if the goal is for everyone to get over, and that is why The Shield should not be paired up with an established Superstar.

If anything, they should be bringing in more developmental talents who are ready for the main roster to try to make the group seem more dangerous.

Three men is an oversized tag team. Four or more is a gang, and a gang is much more intimidating than an oversized tag team.

The best option seems to be to leave The Shield alone. They don't need CM Punk or Paul Heyman and they certainly don't need to be portrayed as henchmen for anyone else.

Making the group have their own agenda instead of working for someone else will allow them to make their own path and not follow someone else's.

What do you think?

Should The Shield get a leader or stay a group of outsiders?


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