Arizona Cardinals: They Were Who I Thought They Were

Tobe MooreContributor IIIDecember 2, 2012

Bitter taste of Arizona Football
Bitter taste of Arizona FootballElsa/Getty Images

The truth hurts. So does watching my favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Back on September 30th, with the Arizona Cardinals at a league leading 4-0 record, I predicted they would miss the playoffs (

The following week, I wrote that they were the worst 4-1 team in NFL history and I took a some jabs for making that statement.

Well, well, here we are after the 8th straight loss and I stand by my prediction; the Arizona Cardinals were who I thought they were.

We have officially gone back to the pre-Warner days, when other teams breathe a sigh of relief when Arizona comes up on their schedule.  

I won't go into today's dismal display or review the major problems of the offensive line and coaching. Instead, I'm looking for answers.

What have we honestly seen from Coach Whisenhunt, minus Kurt Warner

Where is the smash mouth "Pittsburgh style" offense he was supposed to bring? 

When will Arizona realize that winning teams draft lineman, not the biggest name on the board?

The Cardinals franchise has gotten away with poor decisions because of us—a loyal fan base that will always cheer for our Cards. But wouldn't it be nice if they actually made some strides to become a team to compete each year?

What's your take?