Utah Jazz Could Bring Back Legendary Coach Jerry Sloan to Organization

Ethan NorofCorrespondent IJune 3, 2013

Remember when Jerry Sloan abruptly resigned as head coach of the Utah Jazz in 2011?

Well, it appears as if there are no hard feelings between Sloan and the club.

According to Jody Genessy of the Deseret News, Sloan has talked to the team about returning to the franchise in an unknown capacity. Per Genessy, it's unclear if there has even been an offer made to the legendary head coach.

"That's up to [them]. That's a situation that's strictly up to Ty or somebody in the Jazz organization," Sloan told the Deseret News. "If they want me around, fine. If they don't, [fine]. They'd talked to me a little bit about it a little bit earlier."

Sloan added that he'd "hate to be in anybody's way," but I've got a feeling that those around him would be saying the same thing of Sloan if he were to return to Utah.

Sloan clearly hasn't shut the door on returning to the league in some capacity, and after flirting with a couple of head coaching openings in 2013, he could return to a familiar location with the Jazz.

Sloan is "very respectful" of current coach Ty Corbin, and it certainly sounds like Sloan is angling for more of a front office role than anything else given he was invited to join the team at the NBA's pre-draft combine in Chicago.

General manager Dennis Lindsey offered a "no comment" when asked if Sloan could return to the team, and in saying "no comment," Lindsey said everything he needed to say.

The possibility of Sloan's return is not off the table despite the way his coaching tenure concluded with the team, and it would certainly be something to see him back with Utah after everything that has happened since he coached his last game.