San Francisco 49ers: A Disturbing Trend Outside of the QB Controversy, FG Woes

Steve ButlerCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh
49ers Coach Jim HarbaughThearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 49ers Faithful are well aware of David Akers' struggles kicking field goals over 40 yards. They are also divided among supporters of Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick having the job as starting quarterback. At this point, I think far too much attention is being diverted to these individual issues instead of one glaring team issue.

Four times this year, the 49ers have followed two impressive, consecutive wins with a brutal letdown. Every third game for San Francisco has been a loss or tie.

It started with an Alex Smith-led team stunning Green Bay in Lambeau, beating the Lions at home convincingly and then going on the road and losing a head-scratcher to the Minnesota Vikings.

The 49ers regrouped, shut out the New York Jets, blew out the Buffalo Bills and then forgot to even show up (with a winning game plan anyway) at home against the New York Giants. The Alex Smith haters came out of the woodwork and blamed the loss on him, while Matt Millen, among other analysts, called out Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman, saying it was the worst he's ever seen them play.

The team again regrouped, pulled out wins against the Seattle Seahawks and the Cardinals in Arizona, and that's where the trend stopped... or did it?

The tie against the St. Louis Rams was a little bit of a trend kill; however, this is to be expected when your game plan is thrown off by losing your starting quarterback. If you do recall though, the 49ers were trailing 14-7 before Alex Smith was knocked out. Colin Kaepernick was able to rally the team to a tie, and thanks to the Rams' and David Akers' incompetence, that's the way it stayed after five quarters.  

Once again the wake-up call hit, and the 49ers demolished both the Bears and the Saints behind solid defensive play and the arm of their second draft pick out of Nevada.  

Whether Kaepernick's upside outweighs Smith's experience and does not concern me when looking at this trend.

Against the Rams, Kaepernick and the defense played well enough to win the game. The arrogant game plan was the difference in the end. 

Yes you read that right, here is calling out the 49ers coaching staff to get it together and approach every game for what it is, professionals competing against professionals. End this trend of embarrassing losses and end it now.

If anything, the 49ers coaching staff is glad to have this quarterback controversy on the table, because it overshadows their coaching performance. Think about the mantra of the Harbaugh regime for a second. Look back at the articles predicting where our wins and losses would come. How many of those articles had us going 0-3-1 against the Vikings, Giants and the Rams? 

Perhaps "Who's got it better than us?!" is not the best mindset to be in when you play games you're expect to win. In this league, you can't overlook any team. You don't win any games by "having it better than them." Every team in this league has methods to move the ball down the field and score, and has players that are capable of doing that if you don't have a good game plan. 

Time to wake up Harbaugh, Roman and Fangio. This isn't the Pac-10.