Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Brawling in Today's WWE

Adam Nystrom@anystrom0Correspondent IIDecember 7, 2012

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We all have our preferences on what style of professional wrestling we love to see.  Some fans enjoy the technical style, where counters are countered and one mistake can cost you the match.  Others prefer high-flying, lucha-inspired wrestling where blinking will make you miss the best moment of the night.  There is also the act of simply taking a 2X4 wrapped in barbed wire and raking it across someone's back. 

Lately, a few men have made the case for good, old-fashioned fistfights being the style to watch in WWE.  On Monday, Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro were supposed to team up against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

In a stunning move that even jokingly acknowledged, Theodore Long cancelled a tag team match and turned it into a Fatal 4-Way.  This became easily the best match of the night, with Cesaro once again fending off his competition and continuing what has become an impressive run with the United States Championship.

At one point, Cesaro and Barrett were in the ring alone.  The two Europeans proceeded to exchange some of the most vicious-looking stiff shots that we have seen in a long time.  I know it's not going to be feasible, seeing as these two are such natural heels with both their characters and their wrestling style, but allow me to say "DAMN!  I would love to see these two in a feud!"

When Wade Barrett was first shown in his return vignettes, showing him going "back to his roots" as a bare-knuckle boxer, I was admittedly skeptical.  I thought he was stellar enough on his own, but the slight shift in technique has worked out incredibly well for him. 

It seems like every week, one commentator or another calls him a future World Heavyweight Champion.  He had this in the bag even when he was the leader of the Nexus and The Corre, but now that he doesn't need to worry about leading a group, he can take those vicious strikes and possibly win the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston at TLC.

Antonio Cesaro has gone from a simple anti-American snob to one of the better heels on the roster.  His blatantly foreign offensive style automatically puts off American fans even before he gloats over a victory. 

His strength would have made him an incredible wrestler in any decade, but one single move puts him above his competition: nobody delivers a European uppercut like Cesaro.  Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder have both been recent victims of it, and both of them looked like they were dead on impact immediately after eating a piece of Cesaro's arm.  

As it turns out, two of Sheamus' best opponents are two who wrestle styles similar to his.  When Sheamus is in the ring with another gritty brawler like Barrett or Cesaro, the latter losing by countout during last week's Raw, the fighting looks like it takes on a few notches in volume. 

Clashing ways of wrestling can always make for some incredible matches (I hope nobody forgot about Daniel Bryan and Sheamus' incredible Extreme Rules fight), but there is something appealing about two wrestlers simply throwing fists, forearms and clubbing blows at each other until one can't get back up. 

The Big Show and Sheamus have already had two great matches like this, and the added element of a Chairs Match at TLC guarantees a physical fight we will remember.

At the moment, Kassius Ohno, previously known as Chris Hero, is getting ready in NXT to be brought up to the main roster.  He is a former tag team partner of Cesaro (previously known as Claudio Castagnoil) and they were known as the Kings of Wrestling.  Their styles remain very similar. 

When Ohno is deemed ready to join the WWE roster, he will fit right in with the vicious style that is becoming the norm for wrestlers like Sheamus, Barrett and Cesaro.  

2013 will be a good year for a fight.