John Cena & Sheamus Should Make a Run for the WWE Tag Team Title

Chris PetlakContributor IIIDecember 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.
Photo courtesy of WWE.

"Tonight - The Great White Sheamus will team with John Cena!"

It's a phrase that we're becoming all too familiar with, but it makes perfect sense.

"Let's take the top guy from Monday Night RAW and the top guy from Smackdown and put them in a tag match on either show. The WWE Universe will love that!"

Hey, they aren't wrong. 

Sheamus and Cena are a great tag team. They work well together, compliment one another, and are the two biggest faces in the WWE.

Come on, everyone loved the simultaneous AA and White Noise that they delivered to Ziggler and Big Show on last night's Raw.

Over the last 6 months, the WWE has put a great emphasis on the Tag Team Division.

First, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston held the titles and now they've ended up with two of the bigger faces in the company -- Daniel Bryan and Kane, Team Hell-No.

As hard as the WWE is trying with The Primetime Players, it's just not working. They go out night after night and give it their all, but the lack of crowd interest is apparent. 

Why not give John Cena & Sheamus a run at the the Tag Team Titles?

It's a great opportunity for a number of reasons.


It brings the Tag Titles to the forefront of Raw and Smackdown by putting the two biggest stars from those shows in the title picture.

PLUS it gives guys like Ziggler, Ryback, Wade Barret, and Kofi Kingston an opportunity to rise to the top in the WWE Championship and Heavyweight Championship title pictures.

With Cena & Sheamus chasing the Tag Titles - the rest of the WWE Locker Room will have no choice, but to rise to the occasion.

Come on WWE Creative - no one cares about the AJ Lee/Cena storyline.

We've seen Sheamus battle Big Show enough.

Let's shake things up and put these two future hall-of-famers in the running for the WWE Tag Team Titles.