LeBron James and Heat Hit Pathetic Party Before Losing to NBA's Worst Team

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

So, the Miami Heat were at a party Monday night in Washington DC and lost to the Wizards in dramatic fashion one night later. 

Cue the freak out. 

On Tuesday night, the Miami Heat (12-4) lost to a team that was fortunate enough to pick up just its second win of the season. 

The loss was huge, but it overshadowed by the farce happening out in Houston, as the Lakers dropped yet another game during the Mike D'Antoni era. 

Still, people are now starting to care a great deal about the loss because, OMG, the team was out partying the night before. 

A Reddit user (h/t Big Lead) had pictures of the star-studded team going "hard" at one of DC's newest nightclubs called The Huxley. 

Yes, what you see there is pretty much the saddest party in the world, and it all went down with the Miami Heat in attendance. There are no bottles being popped, no ladies being courted or dollar bills being rained down at the bar. It's just some dudes looking like they can't wait to get to the hotel and sleep. 

Yes, the Heat were flat against the worst team in the Association on Tuesday night, but you can't blame the party they attended the night before. 

At least, not according to these photos. 

The boys had plenty of rest checking their phones and staring at the flash of the camera like it was the most interesting aspect of their night. 

This private party was so exclusive not even fun was allowed to come in. 

Don't worry, Heat. You don't have to visit DC again until March. 


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