Derek Jeter Reportedly Rekindles Romance with Model Hannah Davis

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 5, 2012

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Derek Jeter is still very much the man. 

The New York Post reports there is nothing to worry about in respect to the Yankees captain's game. By game, we are referring to his ability to date extremely beautiful women, not his ability to play shortstop on a bum ankle. 

The star was back in New York after spending time in Miami rehabilitating the ankle he injured during the playoffs. 

He stopped by Gramercy Park Hotel with Hannah Davis and was reportedly very comfortable with the Ralph Lauren model. 

A source painted quite the picture. 

They were in the hotel bar late. They got on the elevator and went upstairs. He mentioned to the waitress that he hadn’t seen her in a month because she doesn’t like Florida, but he’s working on changing that...hugged and kissed, and looked very happy.

According to an August NY Post report, the two dated briefly this past summer. Now, it seems to be very much back on. 

Five hundred years from now people will write books about his exploits and call it the bible. The man is a leader on the field and living the phat life off of it. 

Speaking of things that are fat, we reported last week that Jeter had plumped to zaftg proportions, as did many other websites out there. 

The hubbub over his portly sight came from a New York Daily News report with the following picture. 

Well, all of those rumors of chubby doldrums are now being called false and Jeter is said to be in "pretty good shape," via The New York Post.

So Jeter is not fat and back to dating models. 

Continue with that whole living life thing, sports world. 

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