Jeremy Lin Has a Perfectly Sensible Christmas Tree, Linsanity Takes Sad Turn

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lin Twitter
Photo Credit: Jeremy Lin Twitter

The man who sparked millions of name-themed puns and a craze that took the NBA by storm is balling it up in Houston now, and he has a small Christmas tree to show for it. 

The star Rockets guard went and got himself a great deal of Holiday cheer, but not too much. We wouldn't want to get greedy with that cheer and get a tree that was, you know, taller than six feet. 

Lin gives us a splash of what it must be like to be him at Christmas. Here he is mad mugging the camera with tremendous #XmasSwag.

Decorated my first ever christmas a boss!! #xmasswag lol…

Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) December 5, 2012


Boom sauce, everybody. 

Now let's assume for a moment this isn't some tree adorning his office or some back room in his house. Let's assume this is, indeed, the main attraction. 

Let's also consider Lin stands a whopping 6'3", yet towers over this monstrosity and makes fairly good money after signing a three-year $25 million contract earlier in the year.  

For a minute, just a minute, take a look at the tree Amir Johnson recently bought for his house and displayed in all its grandeur on Yahoo! Sports

Now that's a tree. 

Of course, it's not the size of the tree that matters but how much Holiday treats you can pack away in one month—at least around my house it is. 

We have to give mad ups to Lin, who takes Linsanity and douses it with a great deal of sensibility. Who needs a Lin-sane tree when you can get one with so much #XMasSwag like this one?

If there was an award for doing things in a very measured manner, Lin's purchase of his Christmas tree would win. You just wouldn't hear about it, because taking credit would be far too flashy for this guy. 

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