Mark Hollis May Bring Madness to Cowboys Stadium with 4 Simultaneous Games

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 6, 2012

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Hoping to rip some of the madness from March, Mark Hollis is planning to bring four simultaneous college basketball games to Cowboys Stadium. 

Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis stumbled upon some crazy stuff with his Thursday "Hoop Thoughts" column. 

Amid Texas' ugly loss to Georgetown and the investigation of the Longhorns' Myck Kabongo, Davis provided something that every basketball fan will want to read. 

He spoke with Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis, a man who came up with the previous bright idea of playing basketball on an aircraft carrier.

It seems that Hollis has another idea that may seem ridiculous on paper but should draw a ton of interest, like playing basketball amid wind gusts on top of a battleship, where things also tend to get wet

The details aren't finalized, but here it is: Next year on Veterans Day weekend, there will be four -- count 'em, four -- games taking place simultaneously at Cowboys Stadium, site of the 2014 Final Four. The games will begin 15 minutes apart and be held side by side (by side by side) in the giant facility. The purpose is to simulate the madness that takes place during the first week of the NCAA tournament. Only instead of the games taking place in four different cities, they'll be played in one town, under one roof.

Haha, wait. What?

I consider myself a fairly ADD personality, needing to be entertained every second of every day, but even I had to think this was cray-cray. 

If it weren't Hollis, I would have to deride this idea completely. But I have to agree with the mad man. 

I was sitting with Rolando Blackmon, and he said to me, 'You can never do that...Someone barked out, 'You just told that to the wrong guy.' 

Agreed. Hollis will have his day on the court and will pack as much basketball into Cowboys Stadium as you can fit. 

In an age wherein people take their entertainment like John Kruk takes his meals, all at once, it makes sense to provide lunacy that the general public may actually appreciate. 

We live in an age when a good amount of people check email, Twitter, text, Facebook and watch TV, all at the same time. 

In that way, a set of four games taking place at the same time is just crazy enough to work. 

I just don't see how the frenzy of games will blend into one beautiful masterpiece rather than jumble together into one chaotic mess of shouts, whistles and commentating.

You can't have everything, but Hollis is certainly going to try. 

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