Ronda Rousey Should Either Woman Up and Fight Cyborg, or Move on

Jordy McElroy@ IDecember 7, 2012

Ronda Rousey - Esther Lin/MMAFighting
Ronda Rousey - Esther Lin/MMAFighting

When it comes to Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, Ronda Rousey seems to care more about trash talking than actually fighting.

The newly-crowned UFC women's bantamweight champ has been belittling Cyborg for months and daring her to fight at 135 pounds.

According to doctors, Cyborg wouldn't be able to make the weight without putting herself at a serious health risk. The dangerous weight cut could even cost her the ability to carry a child later in life.

As for Rousey, why continue to challenge a fighter at a weight you know they can't make?

Cyborg has asked to meet in a catch weight bout, but Rousey doesn't want to move up in weight and take the fight, which is odd considering she won an Olympic Bronze medal in Judo at 155 pounds.

A catch weight bout with Cyborg would be at around 140 pounds. If Rousey really wanted the fight, she would have no issue in merely tacking on an extra five pounds.

People often compare Rousey to Chael Sonnen. They are both world-class fighters with the unique ability to play off the media for extra attention, which is a promoter's dream come true. Fighters like Rousey and Sonnen sell tickets and are necessary for the continued growth of the sport.

Still, Sonnen has never been one to talk trash without truly looking for a fight. He recently accepted a fight with Jon Jones at light heavyweight, which is 20 pounds heavier than his normal weight.

The Rousey and Cyborg situation feels more like a child's game of "nana-nana boo boo." Rousey is the fighter doing the brunt of the talking and challenging, but yet, she refuses to move up five pounds and actually take the fight.

There is nothing wrong with refusing to go up in weight. A bout against Cyborg would probably be a bad move for the Rousey camp anyway. Cyborg is quite possibly the most feared woman in the history of combat sports, but she doesn't have any ground in the UFC.

For now, the bantamweight division is the only weight class for women. It doesn't make sense for Rousey to go up in weight and risk losing everything she's worked for. She is the face of women's MMA, and the ladies have done well with her leading the charge.

As for Cyborg, Rousey should either accept the catch weight bout or move on. She could take a page out of Georges St-Pierre's book in dealing with Anderson Silva by deflecting all media questions related to Cyborg.

It makes little sense to poke at a wolf from behind steel walls.