The Opinion Desk: The Wrestlemania 26 Card That The WWE Should Consider

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

Welcome to my office. As you probably already guessed, The List Shop is closed right now. But I do have something I want to discuss with you.

Everyone has been writing about Wrestlemania 25. I even got in on the action with my very first article! Predictions, previews, rants, random bits of info, etc. It's getting out of control.

Several writers have even made desperate attempts to stop the madness. I, however, have the one and only solution.

I will write about Wrestlemania 26! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have been thinking. With all the hype surrounding this year's Wrestlemania how could the WWE possibly top this year's Wrestlemania next year? (well in terms of an actual card with some effort, that probably won't be to hard)

The following is a mock card that I feel the WWE should consider for next year. This is a card that I feel would truly bring destruction to the desert.

Note: There are probably lots of wrestlers left off here that some of you will want on the card. Get over it. The WWE will probably screw us all somehow anyway.

Dark Match: 10-Man Battle Royal For Final Spot In The Money In The Bank Match: Kane vs. William Regal vs. Mark Henry vs. R-Truth vs. Mike Knox vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul Burchill vs. Finlay vs. Tyson Kidd

This is a match with the guys I couldn't find a sport for on the main card.

I'm sure this would be a short but fun little match here and gives the live audience and Internet viewers a chance to see the stars they won't see on the main show.

It also has the added bonus of adding a little wild card intrigue the MITB match, later on in the show. People might actually be interested in the dark match for once.

Match One: Undisputed Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes & DH Smith vs. Ted Dibiase & Ted Dibiase Sr.

I have high doubts that Brett, Ted's younger bother, will call up anytime this year, so his father could fill in here. Plus, Ted Sr. has said many times that he would wrestle one last match as long as it was a tag match with one of his sons.

The story practically writes itself.

At some point this year, Randy Orton kick Ted out of Legacy for D.H. Smith to move in and take his place. Ted is brutalized in the attack and goes under the radar for a while. In the next year, Cody and D.H. win the titles and dominate for several months. Eventually Ted returns with his father's aid, and bam, you have a match.

It would be a nice way to feature three of your brightest young stars and have a veteran in there to put them over at the same time. It would also be a pretty solid match.

Match Two: Undisputed Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus

This match could probably happen sooner than next year's Wrestlemania, but if not, I couldn't think of a better female match for the show.

Some have already started to call this a diva's dream match, and while I wouldn't go quite that far, it would still be huge.

Trish is the biggest female star of the past generation and Beth is well in line to be the biggest of this generation. It only makes sense for them to eventually cross paths at some point.

It's a shame that the WWE didn't give us this potential womens' classic at this year's Wrestlemania. Let's hope they wise up for next year.

Match Three: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio

This is a feud that has yet to really rev up in the WWE and that's sad because these two could do amazing things together.

This is a match that I have wanted to see for quite some time and I feel there is no better stage for these two to mix it up than on the grandest stage of them all: Wrestlemania.

While I would love to see Jericho get another mania main event, it probably won't be anytime soon, so we might as well have him in a high-profile rivalry, where he could steal the show.

Mysterio vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania? That would definitely fit the bill.

Match Four: Money-In-The-Bank: Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Umaga vs. Jack Swagger vs. CM Punk vs. RVD vs. Winner Of Battle Royal

The Money-In-The-Bank Ladder match may slowly be becoming a tired concept, but we will probably have to deal with it for another two or three years.

That's why I said screw star power, and stuffed this with as many exciting wrestlers as I could to make it an awesome and exciting match. I also added the intrigue of the battle royal to add a little wild card flavor to the match.

I am stunned the WWE didn't try to get RVD to be in this year's MITB match as a surprise, so I would LOVE to see him in next year's match. Having a combination of Bourne, Punk (sorry but I couldn't find another spot for him), RVD, Kendrick, and Kingston might be enough to make my head explode.

Umaga and Swagger are talented big men who would probably be more than willing to take some big bumps.

I thinks it's high time that the WWE let some of their less frequently featured mid-card stars and upcoming talents showcase themselves, and this would be the perfect place to do it.

Match Five: US Championship/ Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat 2 Fall Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy

This would be very similar to the match for the Euro and IC title at Wrestlemania 2000, where the first fall would be for the IC title and the second fall will be for the US title.

It was hard to find a place for these three on next year's card. As much as I wanted them in high profile single matches, I realized all those spots were taken. And I definitely didn't want them in MITB again, so I decided to put them in a match with each other where they could tear it up.

All three men have crossed each other's paths before and have proven that they have great chemistry together. This would be a great match to showcase all of them at once and could give nods to them by referencing similar stars of the past.

MVP's first major rivalry was with Benoit. Kennedy has a loudmouth style shockingly similar to a young Jericho. And Benjamin was trained by Kurt Angle (I would even have him come to this match with both titles, like Angle did in the original)

This just feels right to me.

Match Six: ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Show

This would very entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way. Tommy may not be winning the title this year, but he could always defend it at next year's show.

Both men know how to work the extreme rules gimmick and they usually both have their best matches in these big man/little man environments. I'm sure they could provide a perfectly solid undercard Wrestlemania match for our enjoyment.

Dreamer deserves to have at least one big singles match victory on Wrestlemania before he retires, and this would be perfect for that reason.

Match Seven: John Morrison vs. Shawn Micheals

Who wouldn't want to see a match between John Morrison and the man he has drawn numberless comparisons to, HBK?

This match would have potential to be a classic and steal the show. We all know John Morrison can go and this would be a great opportunity for WWE to say "OK kid, show us what you really got."

It would also be a passing of the torch and a huge catapult for Morrison into super-stardom. Shawn Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania and there is no one better (except maybe Undertaker) to give the rub on the grandest stage of them all.

Make it happen WWE!

Match Eight: World Heavyweight Championship Special Referee, Ric Flair/Farewell Match: Triple H vs. Batista

Batista said he has one more good year in him so this would probably be his retirement match, and what better way for him to go out than to put him the ring with the two guys that made his career such a success?

This would be a fitting way to bring Batista's career full circle and give him a good match to go out on. Triple H has always been known to put forth good performances in these type of matches as long as it's against someone he respects. He definitely respects Big Dave.

Having Flair as ref would be a nice touch for storyline purposes. Seeing the look on his face as he has to count down Batista's shoulders for his last match would be priceless.

If Batista is indeed retiring next year, I can't think of a more perfect ending for the Animal.

Match Nine: Legend Killer Match: Randy Orton vs. The Rock/Stone Cold Steve Austin

It's probably a long shot either way, but Rock and Stone Cold are both legends that Randy has never stepped into the ring with and I would love to see the WWE make one of these matches a reality.

In terms of quality, I would probably lean towards the Rock but in terms of story and just plain coolness, I would lean towards Stone Cold.

It's a shame neither man is featured on this year's card, and hopefully one of them will decide that they are willing to step into the ring one more time at WM 26.

No matter what, a match with either of these two men would be huge for Randy's career and ultimately would secure his own legend (ironically) as The Legend Killer.

It would also be a great addition to the mania card and would help make WM 26 one of the biggest manias ever.

Match Ten: WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way: Edge vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Jeff Hardy

Much like the Trish/Phoenix match, this is a match I'm surprised the WWE didn't run with this year and could easily happen before next years show. If it doesn't, then I think this could fall very nearly into the category of dream match.

The feuds involving these men against each other are legendary. As teams, the Hardy Boys and E & C tore up the tag-team wrestling scene in 1999, 2000, and early 2001. Since then, Edge had a very good rivalry with Christian, and Jeff and Matt are currently involved in their own.

A match with these four men would be off the charts and would blow the roof off of any building their in. What better place to stage such mayhem than at WM 26?

I'm sure that if this match doesn't happen, eventually fans will slowly start organizing protests or breaking out in riots. It only makes sense for these four to eventually cross paths for the richest prize in the business.

Match 11: Undertaker vs. John Cena

It's only a matter of time before Cena and Taker lock horns on a big show. Of course, it's only a matter of time before Taker retires too, so this could be the last opportunity to see this huge match.

Having a title match is not necessary. These men know how to put on a show at the grandest stage of them all, and a showdown between these two huge stars of the company could end up being nothing short of magic.

Sure they have matched up before, but that was before Cena turned into the megastar that he is now. Cena is the only still active member of the class of 2002 (Lesnar is in MMA now) to not face Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

The atmosphere for this match would be electric. I mean, the place would probably literally be in a frenzy. (Both men's fans would probably be at their most rabid)

This would be a great way to close out the biggest show of the year.


So there you go. I would say that is a pretty fine card, if I do say so myself. Eleven matches is probably too much but there were so many options to consider when putting this card together.

Overall, this card is very solid from top to bottom and I would definitely pay money to see it. You get a good mix of the current, past, and future generations all featured on the show. Every title is defended (as it should be) and you have some potential classics here.

While I am certain that the actual card will look nothing like this, I hope that the WWE takes several of my options here into heavy consideration.

That's it for our discussion today. The next item for the list shop should be in hopefully in the next few days so you can see me again then. Until then, feel free to agree or disagree on this as much as you want.

I'm sure you all have some fantastic ideas as well.

~Joe D


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