Sheamus vs. Big Show Will Deliver in the Absence of CM Punk vs Ryback at WWE TLC

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistDecember 8, 2012

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Sheamus and Big Show will be squaring off once again for the World Heavyweight Championship, this time at WWE TLC on Dec. 16.  This will mark the third time that the two Superstars will step into the ring, with the second biggest prize in the company at stake for the winner.  This match is a big deal that actually just got a lot bigger.

The reason for that is because Vince McMahon’s top championship, the WWE Title, will not be defended at TLC.  As we all know by now, CM Punk had emergency knee surgery on Dec. 4 that has sidelined him from the pay-per-view.

Now, the World Title is the featured piece of gold at TLC and I for one say bring it on.

The truth is, while Punk and his intended opponent Ryback, have had some dramatic moments in their rivalry so far, there seems to be more overall intensity with Show and Sheamus, mostly because they are on an even playing field.

Thus far, Ryback has been nearly indestructible.  The closest thing to a disadvantage that he has seen has been at the hands of the Shield, who have beaten him down more than once in recent weeks.

When “Big Hungry” works the WWE Champion though, he is untouchable.  The typical match that we have seen between them has been that of a bruising big man versus a smaller worker who simply cannot withstand the onslaught, the sheer power, that he’s faced with.

However, with the Celtic Warrior and the World’s Largest Athlete, there is much more give and go, much more real drama, in this feud.  

For Big Show, an immense tough man who is used to getting his way in the ring and mauling over anyone who stands in his way, Sheamus has become a real roadblock in his path.  The Irishman has proven to be perhaps the toughest physical test that Show has seen since Mark Henry and he has been pushed back on his heels many times during this rivalry.

On the surface, some fans may have not been all that enthusiastic about Sheamus and Big Show when their heat first began.  Though Show is a WWE veteran, he has not been the marquee Superstar that he perhaps should have been, as John Cena and Randy Orton have been marketed as.

And Sheamus is believed by some fans to have become somewhat stale, due to his run as a baby-face in the company.  His critics feel that he has lost his edge and his character is too much of a clown.

But for me, any doubts about these two Superstars feuding ended when they hooked it up in the ring.

They are the epitome of smash-mouth wrestling, with stiff, punishing shots delivered and an intensity that has simply not been matched by CM Punk and Ryback.

When Sheamus beats up Big Show, it’s believable.  When Sheamus battles back to his feet after being pummeled for two-thirds of the match, it is not an overwhelming comeback that fans cannot buy into.

Sheamus is a legitimate threat to Big Show in the ring.  This makes for a more believable match overall and means that there is enough for WWE to work with to hopefully keep fans interested in this feud.

At TLC, the two Superstars will be working in a chairs match, which is a direct link to Sheamus’s attack on Show at the end of their contest at Survivor Series.  Now, this hard-hitting feud will feature a legal weapon, on a night where the WWE Championship will not be defended.

Think Sheamus and Big Show have some motivation to make this match as big as possible?

You better believe it.  And I for one am looking forward to it.