WWE TLC 2012: Will AJ Lee Help Dolph Ziggler Win or John Cena Lose?

David LevinSenior Writer IIDecember 9, 2012


Somehow, in her own “magical” way, AJ Lee will be the deciding factor in who wins the TLC Ladder Match between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena.

The question is: Will she help Cena claim the MITB contract and possibly become World Champion, or will she in some way be the reason Cena loses the match?

Hmmm. I can recall an 18-second match at WrestleMania 28 that cost Daniel Bryan the World Title. And I can remember a WWE Title match where AJ restarted a three-way elimination match between Big Show, John Cena and CM Punk that resulted in a draw.

Sometimes, it is better to leave the woman you may have feelings for in the stands and not allow her to come ringside. This one could be the culmination of a year’s worth of AJ highlights and the cliffhanger that sets the WWE off into 2013.

Lee is still the uneven, “crazy” chick that CM Punk “liked” before his transformation and now her alliance with John Cena in the oddest love interest in some time (I am taken back to Chyna and Eddie Guerrero and Torrie Wilson and Tajiri).

I see this coming down to AJ making a “choice” based on something that happens this week either on Raw or SmackDown and is continued as part of the angle on the PPV.

Oh, that tangled web she likes to weave. I know I have referred to her as the “Black Widow,” and doing something devious to cost Cena a chance at the World Title or beating Ziggler would be the icing on the cake for the “Year of AJ.”

Don’t count out Vickie Guerrero being involved somehow or the fact Ziggler and AJ may walk out of Brooklyn arm in arm.

It just happens that way sometimes.

Because of the loss of CM Punk to this card, every other match must deliver. And this match must prove to be every bit as good as it can be. In my opinion, all matches with the exception of the six-man main event has a chance to be as good as Survivor Series, if not better.

This is a way for Ziggler to either get over, or claim the World Title (should Sheamus win and continue to be attacked by Big Show after the match), or for Cena to jump in and beat a battered Big Show for the title.

I’m actually hoping for Cena to win, minus any interference from AJ. I doubt that happens.

This being the final PPV of the year and the WWE riding a roller coaster of good and bad PPV events, it would be great to see something really shocking happen that lets us move into January ready for The Rock to re-emerge and give us something more to talk about.

This match could truly be a show-stopper.