TNA Final Resolution 2012 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IDecember 10, 2012

TNA didn't save the best for last.

Impact Wrestling's last pay-per-view of the year, appropriately enough named "Final Resolution," was met with mixed results on Sunday night at the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando.

The action started off fairly slow, but as the big boys took the ring later in the night, the entertainment got considerably better.

Nevertheless, the final few matches weren't enough to save a mostly disappointing night. 

Let's take a look at the entire event. 


James Storm defeats Kazarian

To start the show, Storm came out talking about how he wanted ruin Bobby Roode's night. Kazarian quickly came out and after some back-and-forth, we were given a bonus match.

Kaz controlled the early action, but Storm quickly fought back and eventually nailed the Last Call to land the pin.

It was a decent enough way to start the night, especially when you consider it wasn't even originally on the schedule. 


TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) defeats Kenny King

Both wrestlers, thanks to some huge top-rove moves and excellent execution on complex maneuvers, put forth some terrific entertainment in this one.

From Impact Wrestling's Twitter account:

Still flying' high…and still the #XDivision Champ… @therealrvd .#FinalResolution…


Van Dam was able to retain his belt when he twisted King into a pin with a leg-scissors roll-up after a failed Royal Flush, but King displayed flashes of immense potential in this solid match. 


TNA Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) defeat Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

After some incredibly powerful wrestling, mostly from the massive Matt Morgan and Hernandez, Chavo landed a giant Frog Splash on Joey Ryan.

He was set to get the pin, but Morgan pulled the referee out of the ring, earning his team a disqualification (the referee did, in fact, get to the three-count before being pulled out of the ring, but that clearly wasn't supposed to happen. Everyone seemed to play it off like it never happened).

All-in-all, it was an average match. There were some big moves and solid chemistry between both teams, but it was nothing to write home about.


Austin Aries defeats Bully Ray

This was an early candidate for Match of the Night.

Clearly playing up the angle of Bully Ray "being able to hit harder than anyone else," the big man came out and absolutely tossed Austin Aries around the ring with some breathtaking punches, clotheslines, kicks and slams.

After a while of that, things quickly picked up.

Ray landed a massive dropkick off the top rope (via Impact Wrestling) along with some other unexpected high-flying moves:

#FinalResolution :What do you think was going through @austinaries' mind at THIS moment?…


Aries came back with some equally-good wrestling, and when he took Bully to the outside and bloodied his face on the stairs, it appeared things were going to get epic.

But then Brooke Hogan came out. 

Ray chased Aries away from Brooke and eventually got her to leave with Hulk, who had also come down to the ring, but Austin capitalized with a low blow and roll-up for the pin and win. 

It was a tremendous match from a pure wrestling perspective, but Brooke's expected, obvious interference did a good job of ruining that. 


TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara (c) defeats Mickie James

For a knockouts match, this one actually had quite a bit of decent wrestling. It was nothing special, but it had some better-than-expected action. 

Mickie appeared to be in control after landing a huge flying Thesz press, but Jessie distracted her enough (by taking a spinning kick to the torso) for Tara to take advantage and land the Widow's Peak for the win. 


Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff defeat Aces & Eights

It's often difficult to have eight men in the ring at the same time and still create an entertaining match, but Angle's team and Eights did a good job in this one.

The action really heated up in the final minutes when havoc was unleashed and every member of each team took turns landing big-time moves. Eventually, Angle got one of the masked members in the Ankle Lock when DOC entered the ring with that famous hammer.

Just in time, Brisco took him out and freed up Angle to nail the same masked member with an Angle Slam for the win.

There was plenty of entertainment in this one, but several fans were considerably upset with two things. First, no one from Aces & Eights was unmasked. Second, Brisco didn't make his expected heel turn.


Christopher Daniels defeats AJ Styles

The last (or so they say) of probably over 100 matches between Daniels and Styles didn't disappoint. 

It contained everything that most matches between these two impressive wrestlers usually boast:

Terrific, almost unbelievable moves off the top ropes, stunning action outside of the ring and a bloodied Styles were just a few of the highlights of what will have a good argument for Match of the Night. 

In the end, AJ Styles went for a Styles Clash off the top rope, but Daniels held on for an amazing reversal before landing a Styles Clash of his own for the win:

This pretty much sums the impressive action (via Impact Wrestling):

#FinalResolution :Huge risk by @ajstylesorg …but did the risk cause his loss against @facdaniels ?…



TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) defeats Bobby Roode

First, and most importantly, Hardy was looking as colorful as ever (via Impact Wrestling):

#FinalResolution :The current World Heavyweight Champ, @jeffhardybrand, preparing mentally for the #MainEvent match.…


Hardy, just like always, put his body on the line to entertain his fans, and just like always, he succeeded. 

One of the craziest moments of the night came outside the ring when Hardy flew off the steps and over the guard rail when Roode dodged him. It was an incredibly hard fall for the champion, yet he pressed on.

After Hardy displayed a bunch more death-defying moves, Aces & Eights appeared in the crowd.

Roode tried to distract the referee so he could land a cheap victory, but the masked men—along with Devon and DOC—refused to help him. Hardy landed the Twist of Fate on a distracted Roode and retained the title.

Aces & Eights then came to the ring and absolutely demolished both Hardy and Roode to end the night.

From Impact Wrestling:

#FinalResolution :Looks like @realbobbyroode's check may have bounced with @theacesand8s…



Twitter Reaction

Jeremy Borash gave us a look at the pumped-up crowd before the night officially got started:

Crowd is ready for #FinalResolution starting in 20 minutes on PPV!

— Jeremy Borash (@JeremyBorash) December 10, 2012

The crowd in Orlando was involved and engaged into the action at the beginning of the night, but seemed to seriously disappear as the event wore on. 

James Storm, after scoring a win to start the show, apparently had a pretty good night:

Wrapped up the ribs went out and did my job. Entertained, drank beer, and kick ass. #SAYDL #FinalResolution

— James Storm (@Cowboy_J_Storm) December 10, 2012

As mentioned earlier, despite losing, Kenny King showed plenty of potential against Rob Van Dam. Even RVD is looking forward to a rematch:

“@vdouble20: @kennykingpinanx looked good in his loss vs. RVD, hope to see a rematch between the 2 in the future. #FinalResolution”Me too

— Rob Van Dam (@TherealRVD) December 10, 2012

Samoa Joe, as wrestling blogger Connie Williams noted, had a terrific night inside the ring:

How amazing was joe tonight(everytime) #finalresolution

— connie williams(@iamacliche_) December 10, 2012

Unfortunately for Joe, he was in the ring with seven other men and got a little overshadowed.

This seemed to be a common opinion on Twitter throughout the night (via Sean O'Rourke):

Final Resolution = Snoozefest

— Sean O'Rourke (@SeanORourke10) December 10, 2012

That may be a little harsh. Final Resolution started off slow, but I would have had a tough time snoozing during the later portion of the event. 

Jeff Hardy was the main attraction of the main event, but as Greg Parks points out, Bobby Roode isn't too shabby, either:

Roode isn't going to "wow" you with his offense, but he's a solid main event-style wrestler #finalresolution

— Greg Parks (@gregmparks) December 10, 2012

This sums up the average night, which consisted of some good and some bad (via Wrestle Enigma):

Again, with the exception of Styles/Daniels, that ppv was MEH with a side of terrible booking. #FinalResolution

— Wrestle Enigma (@WrestleEnigma) December 10, 2012



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