Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel Celebrates with Reported Girlfriend Sarah Savage

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 10, 2012

Photo Credit: Sarah Savage Instagram
Photo Credit: Sarah Savage Instagram

Johnny Manziel, better known as "Johnny Football" and more recently known as 2012's Heisman Trophy winner, is dating a model. 

Of course he is. 

You can't keep a good secret away from Busted Coverage, whose cybersleuths reportedly uncovered the lovely lady in Manziel's life who "has a background in modeling."

As the 20-year-old celebrated the first Heisman awarded to a freshman, he did so on the arm of his alleged girlfriend and fellow Texas A&M student, Sarah Savage. 

Savage is a senior marketing student who was rather forthcoming on her Instagram account—at least, enough for the website to expose the relationship. 

We never thought we would see this guy settle down. I mean, he happens to be one hell of a party guy, at least when wearing a Scooby Doo outfit

Here is the couple in an Instagram pic that states, "Unforgettable night @jmanziel2."

Savage gets a close up with the coveted prize. 

And the obligatory holiday photo. 

The world belongs to Johnny Football, and we are all just leasing space. He came in and won the Heisman despite some old-school football minds declaring a freshman could never do such a thing. 

He then goes out and locks down a girlfriend when we thought he would live the single life for the rest of his Aggies tenure. 

The kid never ceases to amaze. 


Note: All pictures taken from Sarah Savage's Instagram.