Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill Has One of the Lowest QB Ratings in the NFL

Connor McKnightSenior Analyst IDecember 13, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - DECEMBER 09: Ryan Tannehill #17 of the Miami Dolphins throws the ball during their game against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on December 9, 2012 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ryan Tannehill has had a relatively solid rookie season. At least in the eyes of Dolphin fans. He seems composed in the pocket. He seems comfortable under pressure. He seems to have a keen eye for his receivers. And he has led the Dolphins to some clutch victories.

However, the stat book simply says otherwise. Ryan Tannehill has one of the lowest QB ratings in the entire NFL (72.5, which is 33rd of 36th in the NFL).

It seems shocking at first. Tannehill can't be that bad. But by comparison with his fellow quarterbacks, he sits toward the bottom.

At this point in the year among quarterbacks that have recorded a significant number of starts, Tannehill is only above Mark Sanchez (by merely 0.7 points), Matt Cassel (who lost his starting job) and any quarterback in the Arizona Cardinal organization that is not named Kevin Kolb (no comment here considering the blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks).

But when you think of everything in the realm of statistics, it starts to make a bit more sense. Tannehill has eight touchdown passes on the year and 12 interceptions. Typically, he throws anywhere between 150 to 250 yards a game. His completion percentage is slightly above 50 percent, and he rarely ever hits the deep ball (three passes over 40 yard gains).

But what's the big deal? Out on the field, Tannehill is a leader. He looks comfortable under center and has the mentality of a quarterback with experience. He does have some very "rookie" performances, the most memorable being a terrible outing against the Tennessee Titans, but come on, he can't be compared to Mark Sanchez.

If you look at the Dolphin offense as a whole, the statistics are alarming. They rank 27th in points and 29th in total yardage. At this point, the reason Miami's defense can't close out games is because the offense does not give them the necessary push in the right direction.

However, Tannehill is just a rookie. His future looks bright in a Dolphin uniform and despite some of his shortcomings, he will step up and lead the organization in upcoming seasons.