Tyrone Crowder Top Two: Does Clemson or Georgia Have Edge for 4-Star OG Recruit?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIDecember 10, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The 4-star offensive guard Tyrone Crowder has narrowed his list down to two very formidable programs: Georgia or Clemson. But which program will eventually walk away with his commitment?

Judging from recent comments Crowder made to Keith Niebuhr of 247Sports, it appears as if the Tigers may have an advantage over the Bulldogs for the big offensive guard's commitment.

Here's the video interview Crowder did with Neibuhr:

Crowder did state he wants to try to take his officials before he makes his decision, and his next official visit is scheduled for Jan. 11 when he will be visiting Clemson. This will be a big visit for the Tigers in regards to making a lasting impression with the talented guard, but they have more going for them than just that.

When Neibuhr asked Crowder who was recruiting him the hardest, he stated that Clemson was coming after him the strongest and that they were more consistent. Crowder also stated that he had a "strong relationship" with both coach Dan Brooks and coach Robbie Caldwell, and those two coaches were primarily his recruiting contacts with Clemson.

So far, so good for the Tigers.

Consistency is a huge sticking point in recruiting, especially when you're talking about 4-and-5-star players. These recruits are being hounded in every which way by other programs, media, family and even friends, so at the end of the day, it's not necessarily the loudest voice that wins them over, but the most consistent.

By consistently recruiting Crowder, Clemson has shown that they have a real interest in his commitment, and they are willing to take the time to invest in him, personally. These assistant coaches take hours and hours out of their life to travel and get to know players, and it's cases like this one where you really see the fruits of their labor.

Georgia has a great shot as well, considering their dominant running game, national prestige and the opportunity to play in the SEC, but it appears as if Crowder feels a personal connection with the Clemson staff, which gives them a huge advantage.

Throughout the course of the past month or so we've seen how important recruiting relationships with assistant coaches really are. With head coaches being fired, some commitments were either held together or lost based on the recruit's connection to an assistant coach. After all, these are the coaches that players will be spending the most time with at practice, in the film room and even during games.

With Clemson's 2013 recruiting cycle being so hectic and dramatic (see: Robert Nkemdiche) it's good to see that the Tigers staff was able to really make a connection with a recruit, and it appears to be one that's giving them an advantage on the recruiting trail.

Truthfully, Crowder can't go wrong with either choice, but at least for now, it appears as if Clemson is in good standing with the 4-star offensive guard.

The Tigers have the edge in this recruiting battle, and it's an advantage that will ultimately lead to them being able to land Crowder's commitment.

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