WWE TLC: If Cena Wins MITB, WWE Will Prove That It Has Given Up on Dolph

Chris Petlak@chrispetlakContributor IIIDecember 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

If John Cena climbs the ladder and takes the Money in the Bank contract away from Dolph Ziggler at TLC, WWE will have officially given up on Dolph.

In July, Cena and Ziggler each won their respective Money in the Bank matches and obtained a contract that granted them each a title shot at a time of their choosing.

Following that PPV, Cena cashed in his MITB contract at RAW 1,000 and failed to take the WWE title away from CM Punk.

Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler has been waiting in the weeds for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Now, here we are months later and WWE Creative has decided to put Cena and Ziggler in a ladder match for Zig's MITB Contract.

Ziggler has been climbing the WWE ladder—a rather timely metaphor—for a number of years.

He's one of the most athletic performers in WWE and a very sound wrestler.

One of his biggest wins came in August when Ziggler beat Jericho in a RAW match that "retired" Y2J. 

Sure, that match would have meant a lot more if it had come at SummerSlam the night before, but hey, take what you can get, Dolph.

There were countless opportunities for Ziggler to cash in his MITB when Sheamus was the World heavyweight champion and with the current champ, Big Show. 

Remember when The Miz held the RAW MITB contract?

He flashed that thing around everywhere he went and constantly reminded the WWE champion and the WWE Universe that he could cash it in at any time.

Does WWE Creative not think that we, the WWE Universe, notice when these opportunities are missed?

What is WWE waiting for?

Dolph is a great performer, he's solid on the mic, and he has a good rapport with the WWE Universe. 

Give the man his shot!

Oh, wait. Rather than give Dolph a run with the World Heavyweight Championship, we're going to set up a match where he has to battle to hold on to the contract that he so richly deserves!

John Cena is and will always be in the WWE Championship picture.

At any time, WWE Creative knows that it can thrust Cena into a championship match and the WWE Universe will care about the outcome.

Plus, Cena has proven time and again that he can hold the weight of WWE when it needs a Superstar to do so.

That being said, why should Cena even have the opportunity to hold the SmackDown MITB contract? 

Dolph Ziggler needs to beat Cena cleanly and retain his MITB contract on Sunday at TLC.

If Dolph can retain, expect him to enter the World Heavyweight Title picture quickly.

If John Cena beats Dolph and takes away his MITB contract, expect Dolph go back to running circles for WWE Creative.

Give Dolph what he deserves. A victory and straight forward path for the World Heavyweight Championship.