Texans Are at a Crossroads and Other AFC South Must-Reads

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistDecember 11, 2012

I'll just let the disgust on Johnson's face sink in.
I'll just let the disgust on Johnson's face sink in.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Where do the Houston Texans go from here?

Of all the excellent commentary to come out of the prime-time tail whipping suffered by the Texans, Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com came through with some of the best.

He rightly points out that now the Texans finally understand what will be required of them if they are going to make the Super Bowl.

The Texans' march to New Orleans seemed inevitable just a few weeks ago, but they are suddenly at risk of not even winning their division.

As many have said, even Super Bowl champions routinely suffer embarrassing regular season losses, so it's ridiculous to write off the Texans because of one terrible outing.

What remains to be seen is whether Houston emerges from their Foxboro nightmare with more resolve than ever, or are irrevocably shattered.

Obviously, the fear is that the Patriots exposed inherent flaws in the way the Texans play and are built. Can Houston keep pace with an elite offense? Can they hold a top-shelf quarterback under 40 points? Will Johnathan Joseph be fully healthy in the postseason?

If the Texans use this as an eye-opener that uncovers fixable problems, there's still every reason to believe they can go on a deep playoff run.

If they take the loss to heart, however, they could crumble down the stretch.

Which way will they go?

Sunday's game against Indianapolis should go a long way to answering that question.


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