Chris Bosh Faces Ex-Girlfriend in Maryland Court in Custody Battle

Robert Seagal-MisovicCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

On Nov. 26, 2008, Allison Mathis, former live-in girlfriend of Toronto Raptors forward, Christopher W. Bosh, filed a claim in the Montgomery County Circuit Court, Maryland, that Bosh had left her side as she was sick and seven months pregnant with their child.

The claimant is seeking sole custody of their daughter, four-month-old Trinity Meyers-Mathis. She claims Trinity is Bosh's daughter, and is demanding child support payments.

Vincent Wills, Bosh's Maryland-based lawyer says his client denies the allegations, among which were that Bosh had Mathis removed from their Texas home, which they bought for 1.6 Million dollars, and stopped supporting her financially only months after the two had intended to get married.`We're going to be filing our response to the filing within the next week or so,'' he said.

While these claims have yet to be proven in court, one would assume that this may explain Allison's absence in the ACC crowds this past season. Mathis claims that upon returning from Beijing, Bosh signaled that he intended to "move on" from their relationship. She was left without money or transportation and eventually moved in with her mother in her two-bedroom apartment.

She gave birth to a daughter, Trinity Meyers-Mathis on November 2, 2008. Trinity has seen her father twice, and both brief encounters were in a hotel room when the Raptors faced the Wizards on the road.

Chris Bosh's career just took a turn for the worse if Mathis indeed wins the case. Both his wholesome reputation, and potential marketing opportunities are going to be jeopardized.

It seems that Bosh's performance prior to November 26, 2008 had him screaming for MVP attention, and his performance after then has been on the whole awful. If the Raptors go as Chris Bosh goes, this might explain the abysmal season have had since December.

Bosh has been booed to no end at home games this season, and all talk was of him wanting out of Toronto. With the importance Colangelo places on players retaining a positive public image, one may say that a trade this summer seems even more likely today than it did yesterday.