Montravius Adams: Is Georgia a Lock to Land 5-Star DT over Florida, Clemson?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIDecember 11, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams may very well be the most dominant defensive player in this 2013 recruiting class when all is said and done, so naturally, everybody is vying for his commitment.

While he still has to officially cut down his interest list, the programs at the top of it right now are Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida and Georgia, according to 247Sports.

When connecting the pieces of Adams' recruiting process, though, it's really hard not to see that Georgia could be considered one of the favorites—if not the favorite—to land Adams' commitment.

He is from Vienna, Georgia, so the Bulldogs are his home-state team, which gives them an advantage. Also, according to a recent video interview Adams did with Radi Nubulsi of, Adams' mother, who is expected to play a huge role in his decision, likes Georgia and Clemson a little bit more than the rest of the schools on his list.

Clemson is an interesting option, and I expect that it'll be one of his favorites, but there's no doubting that Georgia is in a really good spot to land Adams.

He can join a very good program and be a huge part of an already good defense, and at least Georgia will provide him with the opportunity to compete for a national championship—something Clemson can't provide just yet.

So, with everything apparently going in UGA's favor, is it worth considering him to a be a lock for the Bulldogs?

Consider them to be one of the favorites if you're bold enough to do so, but even if things are setting up nicely for the Bulldogs, his recruiting process is far from over.

In fact, Michael Carvell of reports that Adams is working on setting up an official visit to Florida and other programs are being active in regards to the recruiting process with Adams:

Nothing has really changed with recruiting over the last few weeks, except for that Adams is in the process of setting up his first official visit to Florida immediately after the Under Armour all-star game in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Jan. 4. Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is scheduled to stop by Dooly County on Tuesday morning, while Auburn’s Gus Malzahn let Hughes know he will be at Saturday’s state championship at the Georgia Dome.

UGA, Florida and Auburn all dispatched assistants to observe Adams in last Friday’s semifinals.

Florida is going to be a very interesting option for Adams, especially considering how dominant Will Muschamp's 2013 class is looking to be defensively. It can also provide him with the same SEC competition and national championship aspirations that Georgia can, so Florida is a school that's going to have to be taken very seriously in this recruiting battle.

That said, don't count out the programs from the state of Alabama, either.

The Crimson Tide and Nick Saban are seemingly always in the running with elite recruits and Adams would fit perfectly into their defensive scheme.

Also, now that Auburn has a new head coach in Gus Malzahn, it could become a realistic option as well. As it stands, Malzahn can offer the 5-star defensive tackle the opportunity to play on the same defensive line as two other 5-star recruits in defensive ends Carl Lawson and Dee Liner.

Mark Richt and his staff staff have a lot of work to do if they want to eventually land the 5-star defensive tackle. With programs like Alabama, Florida, Clemson and Auburn also in the running, locking Adams' commitment up is not going to be an easy task.

Georgia has a great shot, and I personally can't shake the feeling that he'll end up with the Bulldogs, but it's not a lock just yet.

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