Hoza Scott Commits to Texas A&M: What Landing No. 1 2014 OLB Means for Aggies

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIDecember 12, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star class of 2014 outside linebacker Hoza Scott has made a verbal commitment to the Texas A&M Aggies (via 247Sports).

Taylor Hamm of 247Sports reports Texas A&M's newest commitment via his Twitter account:

Hoza Scott is now officially an Aggie. He just committed to Texas A&M #gigem

— Taylor Hamm (@TaylorHamm247) December 12, 2012

Scott is now officially Kevin Sumlin's fifth recruit committed for 2014, which means that the Aggies are officially on a roll in the college football recruiting world. I recently wrote that they were the hottest recruiting team in the nation right now, and this commitment does nothing but back that point up.

What does this commitment mean for the Aggies?

There's no doubt that Scott is a big-time recruit, even for just a junior.

He's considered to be the No. 1 outside linebacker recruit in the nation for 2014 according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings and the No. 14 overall recruit. Even more important could be the fact that he's the No. 3 2014 recruit in Texas according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, so he'll go down as a huge in-state win for Sumlin and his staff.

To make it even sweeter for A&M fans, the Aggies were able to out-recruit the Texas Longhorns for Hoza.

If anything, Scott's commitment further affirms that the Aggies are indeed on the rise within the college football world.

The 2012 season has been spectacular for Texas A&M and quarterback Johnny Manziel is arguably the most popular player in college football—and the Heisman winner, mind you. But true success in college football is about sustainability.

That's what makes Scott's commitment so meaningful for Texas A&M.

If the Aggies really want to become a powerhouse in college football, they'll have to replicate seasons like this on a yearly basis, and that boils down to recruiting.

Sumlin's 2013 class is already one of the best in the country, ranked No. 7 overall by Rivals, but the future could be even brighter for Texas A&M recruiting.

Scott is an elite recruit, and by committing to the Aggies so early in the process he made a huge statement to the college football recruiting world—whether he knew it or not.

What statement is this, you ask?

It's the same one 5-star athlete/receiver Ricky Seals-Jones made when he recently committed to the Aggies.

By making their commitments, these elite recruits basically told the college football world that Texas A&M's program is a legitimate option for star football players. By the simple act of committing, they are letting all of college football know that they believe Texas A&M is not just a one-year wonder, but that they will continue to have success in the tough SEC.

If anything, it's the very skill set of a Seals-Jones or Scott that will allow Texas A&M to remain successful, and therein lies the power of momentum in recruiting.

The Aggies' success this year has drawn attention from star recruits, and those star recruits by the very nature of competition will lead the way for more elite players to commit to Texas A&M.

Scott's commitment to the Aggies' 2014 class is huge and it's going to be a trendsetter.

He's essentially opening the door for other elite recruits to follow his lead, and that's exactly how powerhouses are built in college football.

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