WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres Teams with CM Punk and COMBOS in Web Series

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 14, 2012

photo from COMBOS Facebook page
photo from COMBOS Facebook page

Eve Torres recently shot a series of videos for COMBOS snacks where she served as a taste tester for new medleys of flavors.

Possessing a blend of athleticism, charisma and beauty, it's fitting that the three-time WWE Divas champion would be a part of a campaign involving great combinations.

I had a chance to speak with Eve about her involvement with The COMBOS Files web series. She talked about surrendering herself to fans' flavor whims, revealed her expertise in snacking and let her competitive nature shine through.

Celebrity chef Graham Elliot hosted Chicago Bears, Devin Hester and Robbie Gould, NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch as well as CM Punk and Eve in the COMBOS test kitchen.

Fans submitted their flavor creations on Facebook. Results ranged from gross to scrumptious.

The athletes donned lab coats and got to work trying them. Eve, Punk and the rest of the team determined which flavor mash-ups were good combos and which were bad.

Eve appears in two of the videos on the COMBOS Facebook page. In one, she raves about a pumpkin-pie flavored COMBO and in another, suffers through a handful of habañero and wasabi COMBOS alongside CM Punk.

In the pumpkin pie COMBO video, she flashes her trademark pageant-queen smile as she salutes Frank, the flavor's creator. 

About the process of working with Chef Elliot, Eve said they tried a number of flavors, including some "really crazy ones." One that really stood out for her was squid and cheddar.

There are probably not a ton of ingredients that one can pair with squid to make it a palatable snack inside a pretzel shell.

Eve said there's "a great chance that more videos will be coming out on the Facebook page" and she would tweet them as they came out. Fans for whom Eve's regular appearances on Raw and SmackDown are not enough may soon have a few more opportunities to see her charm in action.

Eve didn't just remain a spectator throughout this process; she tried her hand at it as well.

She and the other athletes created their own flavors. A focus group sat down and tried to determine whose creation was best.

About who won in the end, Eve said, "We never got a final answer on that, but I'm going to go ahead and say my creation was better."

She came up with a banana and peanut butter flavor. When she says "it was delicious" it's easy to trust her on that.

"I know my snacks," she said with confidence.

As a WWE Diva, she endures a grueling schedule, going from city to city seemingly non-stop. She talked about being on the road all the time as an activity that required a lot of snacks.

"That's how I get through my long drives," she told me. 

She said that "COMBOS is a great product" and that it satisfies a "craving for a good combination of flavors."

It's clear from the videos that Eve had a great time in filming The COMBO Files. When talking with her about it, she sounded legitimately enthused about the experience.

She called it a "fun opportunity" in spite of the squid and cheddar.

COMBOS is clearly tapping into the ever-increasing cohesion between consumer and product, regular Joe and corporation. Fans are asked to have a hand in the creation of new product and help create buzz for it through social media.

Asking Eve to be one of their spokespeople may lead to some WWE fans watching the next Raw with a mouthful of COMBOS, whether it be of the cheddar cheese variety of something more adventurous.