Andrew Bynum Living the Good Life, Spotted at the Bar Wearing Slippers

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Andrew Bynum continues performing during the NBA season the only way he can, by being awesome. 

The big man who was supposed to be a savior to Philadelphia 76ers fans has been shelved for lingering knee injuries, most recently aggravated by a bout of bowling

Busted Coverage spotted a couple of great moments in Bynum's current lot as unintentional comedian. 

First up was this image they found over at Crossing Broad which shows a beaming Bynum with a lovely young lady. 

It seems Bynum was at The Penthouse Club hanging out with this woman who goes by the name "Rach Recklesss." It seems he was there matching her shot for shot, which is nothing like making multiple shots at Pop-a-Shot. 

At least we don't think. 

Now we get an amazing update in the form of comfortable footwear. 

Busted Coverage spotted this Instagram photo from @DamePeriod who writes, "Nah yo. Bynum gotta die b. He got on house slippers and no socks at the bar smh."

Yes, that is Bynum, cosmopolitan man about town, rocking house slippers at the bar with no socks. 

As if socks would make this any better. 

Of course, this isn't heavy-hitting news that is going to transform your day. In fact, by itself it barely warrants a mention. However, when you pile on everything that has taken place, from the hair to bowling, you have an athlete that demands our attention. 

No matter what he does from here on out, we want to know about it. Yes, we are about to enter into Andrew Bynum Watch 2013. 

He is just too fascinating and hilarious. 

The big man proves you don't have to be healthy to be an intriguing and wholly entertaining NBA superstar. 

Keep on doing you, Bynum. 

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