UFC: Is MMA Now More Spectacle Than Sport?

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIDecember 19, 2012


No one who knows MMA will ever mistake it for professional wrestling. However the "sport" of MMA has become somewhat of a spectacle rather than a sport.

But is that such a bad thing?

Put the most exciting guys against each other. Give the fans the fights that they want.

If the UFC were to go the route of truly being a sport, it would give credence to the fighters that play it safe. The "just win baby" mantra would become a calling card for guys to lay and pray. Why take chances when you can win and snatch up decision victories?

Being in the entertainment business negates that train of thought and I'm all for it. Let the guys who fight for decisions fight and fight and fight all they want to. Make the road of getting a title shot longer for those guys. The ones who take chances and put on a show for the fans should have a shorter road to the title fights.

Is that fair? No. But an old man once told me that fair is where you eat cotton candy and ride rides.

By taking that stance you promote exciting fighters who fight to finish. Mike Tyson would not have been a draw had it not been for his "blink and you won't catch it" knockouts. He was a spectacle. THe UFC is a business. If there's a fight card with a ton of fighters who are known for not finishing their opponents, that card will most likely fail in Pay Per View buys.

The Spurs in the NBA are one of the best, if not the best run organization in all of basketball. However they're labeled as being "boring." But they win games. It almost makes them the John Fitch of basketball.

To me, MMA