WWE TLC 2012: What Match Should Be the Main Event at the PPV?

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2012


This year marks the fourth annual TLC match for the WWE. Since 2009, the WWE has done a trial and error regarding gimmick PPVs. The Bragging Rights concept of a multi-person tag team—closely resembling Survivor Series—didn't have a long lifespan.

However, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs gimmick that stemmed from the epic Triple Threat Tag Team matches between the Hardy Boys, Dudleyz and Edge and Christian has spawned into a successful PPV.

This year, there are a few notable angles leading up to the event. Seemingly, one of three matches will have the top bid to be the main event. Let's analyze these bids and make a prediction of what the main event will be.


World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match: Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

Sheamus has been one of the most dominant forces in the WWE this year. After winning the Royal Rumble and subsequently the World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania in "18 seconds," Sheamus has plowed through competition, representing the WHC well.

Until he reached the brick wall named the Big Show.

In what seemed like just another throw-away feud for Sheamus, Big Show surprisingly defeated Sheamus at the Hell in a Cell PPV in October to become the World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

The two have put on slugfests every time they step in the ring together. Surprisingly, Big Show has proved in this feud that he still has the ability to put on a good match given the right person to work with.


6-man TLC Match: Ryback, Team Hell No vs. The Shield

During the main event of the Survivor Series PPV, three men attacked Ryback, powerbombing him through a table and costing him an opportunity to become WWE Champion. 

These three men were later identified as NXT stars Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns—The Shield.

Throughout the past few weeks, Superstars such as the Miz, Randy Orton and John Cena have all been victims of random attacks by The Shield. However, the three who have been the most frequently attacked are Ryback and Team Hell No.

Originally, Ryback was scheduled to be in a TLC match for the WWE Championship against CM Punk. Due to CM Punk's emergency surgery on a torn meniscus, WWE Creative had to scramble and come up with a substitute match that had a decent back story—Ryback and Team Hell No vs. The Shield.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

The feud between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler stemmed from the animosity between then-general manager AJ and Vickie Guerrero. In an attempt to dethrone AJ from her position of authority, Guerrero made a series of allegations that AJ was in a relationship with John Cena, which could result in a conflict of interest.

Because of the heavy pressure from Guerrero, AJ decided to resign from the GM position, making Guerrero the new authority figure of Raw as the "managing supervisor."

Due to John Cena vying to clear his name from the accusations and Dolph Ziggler supporting the decisions of his then-manager, Vickie Guerrero, a heated rivalry developed between the two. This rivalry will culminate at the TLC PPV with a match that Vickie Guerrero reluctantly booked as a result of being coerced by Vince McMahon—Dolph Ziggler putting his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line in a Ladder match against Cena.


Which match should be the main event and why? Civilly comment below.


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