John Cena Gives Promo of the Year on 'Jimmy Fallon' to Promote WWE TLC 2012

Dustin MurrellSenior Analyst IDecember 15, 2012

Image courtesy of NBC.
Image courtesy of NBC.

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not a huge fan of John Cena's character. It's become almost cliché among smarks, but I say it all the time: I respect John Cena the person, but I can't stand John Cena the character.

He was mildly entertaining when he fully embraced his comical thug gimmick back in the day, but I haven't been a fan of any of the all-but-unstoppable super-face since I was a little Hulkster.

Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, is one of my favorite "characters" on television today. Along with Colbert and Stewart, I tune into Fallon's talk show to stay up to date on the happenings in pop culture. And once every few months, we get a visit from one of WWE's biggest stars.

This time around, it was John Cena making an appearance to hype the Tribute to the Troops program and his pay-per-view match with Dolph Ziggler.

A few minutes into the match, Fallon brought up the fact that Ziggler had sent out the following tweet:

hope super-cena (@johncena) climbs a ladder as awkwardly as he runs & the real face of the @wwe will prevail#ZigglersBetter

— Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) December 8, 2012


After reading this tweet, Cena gave his rebuttal. Now, given that he was on Late Night instead of Monday Night Raw, his tone was a little different than normal. He was being goofy, and he was being crude—standard Jimmy Fallon comedy.

I was blown away. If Cena cut promos like this every week on Raw, I'd be the first person to buy a Cenation t-shirt. It included references to fondue, Mt. Rushmore, a gentleman's slap, Questlove and even Ziggler's "manhood," both literally and figuratively.

Check it out for yourself. I don't know if anyone from Late Night assisted Cena, but it gets at least a nomination for promo of the year in my book.


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