NFL Great Jerome Bettis Remembers Most Meaningful Christmas Present

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistDecember 17, 2012

With the Christmas season upon us, do you remember a gift that mattered most to you? Was it your first baseball glove? What about a pair of cleats you had to have? Could it have been your first Madden game? 

Pittsburgh Steeler's great Jerome Bettis was in New York recently and recalled what gift to him mattered most as a kid. 

Believe it or not, it wasn't a toy bus or a football. Check out the video above to see what Jerome "The Bus" Bettis' most memorable gift was that he received as a kid. 

Let us know in the comments below what your coolest, most memorable gift was that you've received.  

Bettis was promoting "Gifts That Matter" with Dick's Sporting Goods, helping you choose the perfect Christmas present that matters most.