WWE Encyclopedia: Are You Buying It?

Karl ZimmermanCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

Ok Bleacher Report Nation, I'm back again with a real short question: Are you buying the new WWE Encyclopedia?

I had not heard many reviews for this new piece of WWE merchandise, but being a book lover, felt that I had to have a copy. After dropping over $40 on this very large book, I came away with very mixed emotions.

I was very pleased with the selection of interested pictures encompassing over 50 years of WWE history. I could easily find my favorite superstars, and follow the history of all the belts from WWE's rich history. But that's about where my pleasure ended.

You can find much more in depth analysis of any Superstar by simpling going to wikipedia, which I have done on many occasions. Also, with the exception of Wrestlemania, there was not very much info on the various pay-per-view events from over the years. I was hoping that the encyclopedia would be more "real", instead of the kayfabe that it is. Example: Kane & Dr. Isaac Yankem listed as different people.

So very simply, I want to know, are you buying it? I hope with this article B/R might be able to help someone who is on the fence about buying this product. Please leave your own review, making this one of the more diverse critiques of this book.