WWE News: John Morrison Says He's Returning in 6 Months

TJ NagyAnalyst IIIDecember 18, 2012

Photo from Kidzites.com
Photo from Kidzites.com

The last time we saw him in the WWE, John Morrison was laying face down on the steel ramp thanks to The Miz. After a year of recovering and making sporadic appearances around the globe, the Shaman of Sexy is finally looking to return to the big stage.

According to lordsofpain.net, Morrison recently wrestled for LPF in Mexicali, Mexico and told fans to expect him to return to the WWE in about six months time.

This is definitely good news for people who loved Morrison's high flying and explosive style of wrestling. It's a style that no one has been able to match since his departure, and hopefully the guy stays true to his word.

Morrison was a huge fan favorite before his departure. Plenty of fans waited patiently for the main event push that many people thought he deserved, but unfortunately he never was able to make that leap. 

Granted, Morrison did leave the WWE on a bit of a sour note after generating some backstage heat for sticking up for his girlfriend Melina after Wrestlemania 27, but he is also a three-time IC champ and is easily one of the most successful tag team champions in the last decade. Having him back in the mix is beneficial whether he's a singles competitor or goes back to his tag team roots. 

We'll see in the next six months if Morrison's alleged return comes to fruition. To speculate how he'll be used at this point is just plain pointless, but it would be foolish for Vince to not at least consider bringing the guy back. He's a unique performer that provides instant excitement to any match.

But maybe I'm in the minority. Comment and let me know what you think about the possible return of Johnny Nitro.