WWE TLC 2012: The Shield Exemplify Exciting Future

Joseph Schmidt@woeisjoeContributor IIIDecember 18, 2012

Photo Via WWE.com
Photo Via WWE.com

The Shield left their mark at WWE TLC 2012, outshining the older stalwarts and leading an exciting wave of new talent into the new year.

Consisting of newcomers Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the Shield announced their mission to "protect the WWE from injustices" after their first appearance during November's Survivor Series.

The group has gone out of their way to ruin many events in the WWE since then, including numerous segments of Miz TV.

Leave it to the executives at the WWE to capitalize on popular sentiment, but I can’t get enough of the most exciting stable to hit the 'E since the Dudley Boyz were single-handedly keeping table manufacturers in business.

Even though they’ve played coy about their association with CM Punk, the Shield has exemplified a chaotic youth movement that’s dominated the last few months of storylines.

The highest, and earliest, milestone in the stable’s short lifespan occurred this past Sunday at WWE TLC 2012, in which they faced Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback.

The Shield stole the victory in their debut, with a spectacular table spot between Ryback and Rollins, before Reigns eked out the pin on Bryan.

The Shield’s members join Bryan, Ryback and Cody Rhodes in leading a new wave of talent in the WWE. It’s an invasion angle reminiscent of NXT, WCW and the NWO, executed with a talented group of fresh faces.

Fans have plenty reason to be excited about the WWE in 2013, heading into the final stretch toward WrestleMania.

The WWE gave Ryback a significant push, which was a highlight throughout the last year, and with the latest storyline they are continuing the development of tomorrow’s stars.

It’s a smart push to cultivate their talent sooner rather than later—and maybe in the process develop the next CM Punk.