WWE and The Miz: Has He Done Enough To Headline In This Company?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2012

It a little more to the left Miz, reach for it!!  Image by WWE
It a little more to the left Miz, reach for it!! Image by WWE

And so it began...

The "babyface" turn everyone was expecting for a while now. Former WWE Champion The Miz has taken steps to ensure his future is brighter than ever by turning away from his villainous ways.

It was expected, really. He is the kind of character you either love or love to hate. Even his T-shirts are vain. 

Whether they spell "I'm Awesome, you are not!" or "Haters love me," the recipe is simple and effective. Heck, I wear those all the time, and they look good!

The true question remains, however: Has The Miz done enough good deeds already to land him in another big company main event?

Don't take this for gold just yet, but I have a distinct feeling that 2013 will be one of his best years yet, starting with a Royal Rumble victory in January.

Every time you tweet his name or look at entertainment news, there he is, representing the company with charities, tribute to troops, new film roles, etc., etc., etc.

He may not be as huge as John Cena, but he definitely puts himself out there—no one can take that away from him.

There are still certain things left for him to fix before he makes it to the top again.

First, whatever is going on with his recent personality switch is still a mystery. Is he really a good guy or just in between?

It isn't very clear because he still comes off as a little snide and is rather arrogant, but he does side with the heroes when the time comes.

Perhaps it is all supposed to be executed in a slow and steady fashion. No wonder he gets pummeled by guys like The Shield or that new AJ Lee guy, whatever his name is (shows how much he interests me, right?).

People will rally behind him and really cheer when that next big moment happens.

Secondly, his ring skills are definitely good enough. I always enjoy a Miz match, provided it is against worthy people such as Mysterio, Rhodes and hopefully Ziggler soon.

The real deal here is this: The man has heart and the will to succeed. When WWE calls upon Mike Mizanin, Mike Mizanin is there, and that is all he needs.

John Cena and Triple H all had standard looks when they began (remember the crew cut and the bowing?) but they did what needed to be done, and poof! Years later, they are multi-time world champions. Legends, really.

There are still tons of haters out there and some who value other guys instead of the "Awesome One." To be honest, so many Superstars deserve a shot at the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships, but only a few really have that "IT" factor.

Miz is one of those rare guys who start off as nothing and make it all the way to the top. 

He already has legions of fans, and his merchandise is quite popular. Let's see whether he can hold a role in a movie. He seems to do quite well on television already—can Hollywood be that far away?

In a nutshell, I believe him to be ready for another crack at a top championship. Whether it be a short reign or a long one, it is due.

The Miz is at the right place, and the right time is right around the corner.

Watch out, Mizfits! The most must-see WWE, Intercontinental, talk-show host in history is about to burst unto the scene...

,,,and it will be AWESOME!