Robert Griffin III Fined by NFL for Wearing Adidas Gear in Press Conference

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2012

Robert Griffin III has been fined by the NFL for donning Adidas apparel following the Washington Redskins' win over the Baltimore Ravens. reporter Tarik El-Bashir had the news, stating in his article that Griffin "has been fined $10,000 for his postgame attire following the Redskins' victory over the Ravens, an NFL official confirmed Wednesday."

According to the report, Griffin was fined for wearing an Adidas sweatsuit following the game. Normally he wears a suit, but he might have felt more comfortable in sweats after suffering a knee injury during the game.

Because Nike supplies the NFL's uniforms, though, this creates a problem.

The report also mentions that, "Earlier this season, Griffin covered the Nike swoosh on his compression shirt during warmups in New Orleans with marker. In St. Louis, Griffin wore a grey shirt inside out to obscure the Nike logo."

Sponsors can create tough situations because of the money involved. The NFL has to represent Nike because of its contractual agreement, but Griffin has to honor his Adidas endorsement as well.

Griffin, as a star rookie, is going to carry a long list of endorsements. Having companies like Adidas and Subway in his corner early on will go a long way toward attracting more big marketing names, which also means that this problem isn't going to go away.

Griffin seems like someone who means well, but he will have to find a way around this one in the future. Unless he wants to keep throwing money in the direction of the league office, wearing a suit and tie after the game is probably his best bet.

There are much worse reasons to incur a fine, but this is Griffin's first as a professional player nonetheless.