Seattle Seahawks: How Many Points Will the Team Score Against the 49ers?

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIDecember 20, 2012

TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 16: Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is flushed out of the pocket during an NFL game by Alex Carrington #92 of the Buffalo Bills at Rogers Centre on December 16, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have suddenly become a force on offense.

Obviously, this has to be proclaimed with some caution since the Arizona Cardinals and the Buffalo Bills are not the elite franchises in the NFL. Still, the Seattle offense has certainly stepped up and put points on the board over the last two weeks.

Can the 'Hawks pour on the points against a stingy defense like the San Francisco 49ers?

The Seahawks are now averaging 25 points per game for the season, which is 11th in the NFL. Again, the last two weeks have skewed that average a bit. Prior to those two games, Seattle was averaging 20.2 points per game.

108 points in two games tends to help your average.

The 49ers are giving up 15.6 points per game, which is ironically the exact same amount that is being given up by the Seahawks.

Something has to give.

San Francisco continues to play great defense, as they have given up the fifth-fewest passing yards and the third-fewest rushing yards in the NFL.

And yet, the Seahawks seem like a very different team than they were in Week 7 when they only managed six points against the Niners in San Francisco.

There is reason for optimism and a general belief that the Seahawks can put points on the board in front of a ruckus CenturyLink Field crowd on Sunday.

Consider how the offense is playing compared to earlier in the season when the Seahawks scored 16 points or less in four of the first five games.

Marshawn Lynch is averaging 103.8 yards per game over the last eight games. That includes a paltry 46-yard performance against the Miami Dolphins.

Russell Wilson has only thrown one interception in the last six games and only has nine for the year to go along with 21 touchdowns. In addition, Wilson has caused chaos for defenses in the last few games when he has taken off running.

Sidney Rice, Golden Tate and Zach Miller are all having solid years, and confidence seems to be building in the receiving corps.

The offensive line has been playing with more consistency of late, and it has led to a general increase in productivity.

The Seahawks are 6-0 at the Clink, and the team is definitely playing with momentum right now.

All of this points to the possibility of scoring respectable points on Sunday, even against a tough San Francisco defense.

As noted by The Seattle Times, the second meeting between these two teams "might look a lot different than first meeting."

Well said.

Max Unger was quoted in that same article, and he suggested that the meeting earlier in the season between these two teams seems like it happened last year rather than just a few weeks ago.

To be sure, it feels like much has happened since Week 7 of the NFL season.

Of course, the 49ers have been scoring plenty of points as well, including 41 against the Patriots in New England. The Pats are not a great defensive team, but anytime a team scores 41, it is worth noting.

Will the Seahawks score 50 points for the third straight week? It is possible, but even optimistic Seattle fans may be hesitant to forecast that total.

In the end, the win obviously counts more than the point total, but it would be a strong boost of confidence if the Seahawks could drop 30 points or more on San Francisco.

Actually, that sounds like a good number. Let's go ahead and predict that Seattle will score at least 30 points on their way to a victory over the 49ers.

Round 2 should be an intriguing rematch.