Michael Vick a Possible Replacement for Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets?

Robin LalisseCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2012

Michael Vick is probably done in Philadelphia, but he could be a great fit in New York with the Jets.
Michael Vick is probably done in Philadelphia, but he could be a great fit in New York with the Jets.Elsa/Getty Images

Michael Vick could join the New York Jets if the now-benched Mark Sanchez is out of the equation, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News

Here is some of what Mehta wrote on what circumstances need to be in place for Vick to come to the Big Apple:

The News has learned that Michael Vick, who is expected to be released by the Eagles shortly after the season, would be amenable to coming to the Jets if Sanchez is out of the equation.

“Bring it on,” one Jets source said about signing Vick if he becomes available. “He was hit too many times (behind a subpar offensive line) the last two years.”

Rex Ryan may be the X-factor to landing Vick, according to sources. Ryan has always had an affinity for Vick, who could potentially help save the  coach from getting his walking papers after the 2013 season.

“(Ryan) loves him,” a team official said.

The Jets’ solid offensive line and defense also make them an attractive option for Vick, who lost his starting job after suffering a concussion this season.

In terms of the offensive line, the Eagles have allowed the fourth-most sacks in the league with 42, compared to the Jets' 35, which is tied for 10th in the league. While the offensive line doesn't look that much better with that statistical comparison, the Eagles allowed a lot of unnecessary hits that led to Vick's concussion issues. 

If the Jets can fix their right tackle situation, their offensive line will be much better. The receiving corps has been decimated by injuries and inexperience, but if Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller can return healthy and young players like Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley continue to develop, New York will have the type of weapons that Vick can use. 

The chances of Vick coming to New York depend, per Mehta, on whether or not Rex Ryan returns as the head coach. Plus, you have to wonder who the offensive coordinator will be, and whether that coordinator will use the zone-read offense that has been successful with mobile quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III, though that would expose Vick to a lot of punishment. 

The Jets do not need the 2010 version of Vick, but they can't afford the turnover-prone Vick of the last two seasons. Somewhere in between would make the Jets a fringe playoff contender, and anything close to 2010 would make New York a very balanced team. 

Vick becoming a Jet may not happen if there is nobody willing to trade for Mark Sanchez; although, with a weaker quarterback draft class, teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars have holes at quarterback that they could fill with Sanchez. 

Unless Joe Flacco is somehow able to join the Jets, Vick is probably the best option, and one that would allow the Jets to still compete at a high level.