WWE News: PWI Reveals 2012's Wrestler of the Year

Gone Baby GoneContributerDecember 21, 2012

Courtesy PWI-Online.com
Courtesy PWI-Online.com

Well folks, it looks like Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their annual "Wrestler of the Year" award.

And even though the WWE felt that John Cena was the "Superstar of the Year," the legendary wrestling publication begged to differ, as they awarded WWE champ CM Punk with this distinction.

On Thursday, Dec. 20th, pwi-online.com revealed the cover of their latest edition, touting Punk as the "Wrestler of the Year" for the second time in a row.

Sadly, this adoration is not recognized by the WWE. However, many wrestling fans consider this to be the true measure of who the top wrestlers are each year. Ultimately, I am certain that Punk appreciates this mention, especially after being snubbed at WWE's Slammy awards.

Overall, this does not do much for Punk's career. Although, it's not a bad thing to have on his resume. Personally, I feel that PWI nailed this one. Especially considering that only a handful of people had the type of year that Punk did. Ultimately, I can only think of three men that had similar success, and two of them are in TNA.

Those men are: Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Aries and Roode both had successful, long-standing title reigns in their respective divisions. Meanwhile, Ziggler finally had his breakout year and stands to be a regular fixture in WWE's main-event scene in 2013.

In the end, whether you like the choice or not, you can't deny that CM Punk had a great year with a solid title run. Unfortunately, the ratings and pay-per-view buy-rates were not in his favor. However, he did prove that he is a workhorse that is willing to go above and beyond for his craft, which is something that no one can ever take away from him.

Now, it's your time to weigh in: Do you feel this was a good choice? Or would you have picked a different recipient?