Fantasy Football: How Is Your Team Doing and Which Players Are You Starting?

Andy KontyCorrespondent IIDecember 22, 2012

Carnac the Magnificent has your fantasy picks.
Carnac the Magnificent has your fantasy picks.

In the world of NFL Fantasy Football, a lot of Internet bandwidth is used to dispense  advice—start 'em or sit 'em, studs and duds, favorable and unfavorable matchups, and so on. 

Rightly so. 

We are all looking for a competitive edge, but that isn't what sends us scouring the Internet for advice.  Beneath the confident veneer of the fantasy sportsman lurks anxiety.  There is nothing worse than staring at your fantasy scoreboard as the player you left on the bench has a monster game while your starter ends up in a bad situation when his team has to switch tactics. 

Is there anything more frustrating than your starting QB getting an early lead and spending the rest of the game handing the ball to his RB as his team shortens the game?

Dealing with insurance companies.  Maybe.

So before we set our lineups, we search for fantasy experts who will confirm our choices or point out a stat we missed.  We need something, anything, to take from our shoulders the responsibility for our bad choices.


It’s not your fault that idiot columnist said that C.J. Spiller would have a big game against the Miami Dolphins, when you knew, KNEW, that it was a bad matchup.  “Not my fault” seems to take the sting out of losing your league’s fifth-place game.

So rather than foist my knack for picking the wrong player on my fellow fantasy sportsmen, I thought I would open up a dialogue where we can talk through our uncertainties during the most important weekend of the season.  Frankly, I don’t know what else to do with myself between now and Monday night.


Like any form of group therapy, somebody has to go first.  Let me be the first to share…

I have Tom Brady, who has led me to the championship and the highest point total in the league.  I am starting Alfred Morris and Spiller at RB, leaving Darren McFadden and his bum ankle on the bench. 

The source of my anxiety is at WR.  I used nine wide receivers over the course of the season as my “studs” have run hot and cold, forcing me to try to pick a hot receiving matchup from the waiver wire. 

This week I went all in for the championship and stacked seven WRs on my roster.  I can start three.  Surely, thinks I, there has to be a nugget of gold in this litter box.

I drafted and held on to Roddy White, Marques Colston and Victor Cruz; each of whom had some monster games and some disappearing acts.  In the last two weeks I’ve added Cecil Shorts, Danario Alexander, Brandon Lloyd and Danny Amendola.

Amendola is the only one with an easy matchup against the bottom-ranked pass defense of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The remaining six face defenses ranked from 12th to 18th, not much difference.

White is listed as questionable or he would be a must start.  Lloyd is also questionable or I would start him along with his QB.  Cruz and Colston have been so up and down I have faith in neither of them.  Alexander did not scratch  when I started him last week after his breakout series of five consecutive games.

I will wait until game time on White and Lloyd, otherwise I may let my cat pick the other two starters—it will be his fault if I lose.