Hulk Hogan and the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Something to Think About

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIDecember 23, 2012

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Hulk Hogan winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at 59 years old is laughable at best.

Even if he were in the best shape of his career—also laughable—with the current roster of talent in TNA, it would be hard to imagine Hogan defending the title against much younger and more talented stars.

Still, like any silly idea, this idea is an intriguing one.

Hogan is an icon. There are a number of fans who watch Impact just to catch a glimpse of him although he is no longer an active wrestler.

Despite the fact that he is a number of years removed from the glory days of Hulkamania, Hulk Hogan is still a polarizing figure in professional wrestling. Even when he says something off the wall, it generates publicity. Under the right circumstances, Hogan could believably become champion at 59. Emphasis on the right circumstances!

A title victory for Hogan would generate a lot of publicity and ratings for Impact. There is no doubt that a number of questions would need to be answered about this scenario should it happen. Who would Hogan defeat for the title? How long do you keep the title on Hogan? Who would Hogan defend the title against? Would this be his final run as one of the biggest attractions of all time?

The question I didn't pose yet is: How would this affect the company in the long term? Would this be the straw that breaks the camel's back or would this reinvigorate Impact, giving the company the much-needed exposure it has desired for so long?

Impact remains an enigma. It can afford to take chances that the WWE cannot because it is not a billion dollar company that answers to stockholders. It can shake things up if it really wants to, but hasn't for whatever reason.  

I believe that Hogan deserves to go out in style in his final match. As much as this man has done for the business, he deserves one more match to bring closure to his career. So do his fans.

Whether it is a title match or not is up for debate. Perhaps he could win the title and then vacate it, giving TNA a new start and a fresh direction to explore. Letting Hogan have a lengthy title run, if it were to happen, would be a mistake. Off the top of my head I can't see the Hulkster defending against the likes of Kurt Angle, Sting, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe over a stretch of months. I don't think anyone else can either.

Time will tell if TNA decides to pull the trigger on this one. Out of desperation, they just might. If they do, then get ready for one heck of a ride and a new chapter in the legacy of Hulk Hogan. Also prepare for the possibility of Impact flushing itself down the toilet.

Any thoughts? 


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