Chargers vs. Jets: Quarterbacks Aren't New York's Only Problem

Erik FrenzSenior Writer IDecember 23, 2012

Greg McElroy did a lot of this on Sunday.
Greg McElroy did a lot of this on Sunday.Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Sunday's loss to the Chargers was the final proof that quarterback Mark Sanchez was far from the Jets' only problem.

Still, nearly all of those problems came to fruition in one shocking number: 11 sacks on quarterback Greg McElroy.

The Jets have scored 10 or fewer points in six of their games this year, but despite scoring 17 points against the Chargers, they still managed to struggle more than they had at any point in the season.

New York averages just 4.6 yards per play, the league's second-lowest average, and today they only managed to net 3.8 yards against San Diego.

Eleven sacks alone should serve as sufficient proof of that, but even those 11 sacks only begin to explain the unproductive Jets offense and their team as a whole.

Granted, 11 sacks can happen to a quarterback when a) the offensive line has trouble blocking, b) the quarterback shows little pocket awareness and c) none of his receivers are getting open, but that stat can almost stand on its own in revealing how embarrassing the Jets offense has been for long stretches this season.

McElroy was flushed from the pocket on his second play from scrimmage and was sacked on his third. He explained the Jets' problems on offense in his postgame press conference:

I have to do a better job of getting the ball out. I have to do a better job of getting on the same page with the wide receivers and being able to anticipate some more throws. I just have to continue to try to improve.

It was an admirable effort from the former seventh-round pick, who went 14-for-24 for 185 yards and an interception while leading the offense to touchdowns on two of their first three possessions. But in a game where the Jets fell just one short of the NFL record of 12 sacks allowed in a single game, it's harrowing that that number only scratches the surface of the dysfunctional offense this season.

Anything and everything involving Tim Tebow's role with the Jets is symptomatic of that very dysfunction, and on Sunday, more news broke to hammer that home.

Sources: Tim Tebow asked to be taken out of the wildcat package after Ryan passed over him to start McElroy: #NFL #Jets

— Jane McManus (@janesports) December 24, 2012

It looked like offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was busting out the big guns while adding another layer to the quarterback situation with wide receiver Jeremy Kerley playing quarterback in the team's Wildcat offense, but that element took on a new dimension after the game when news broke of Tebow's dissatisfaction.

Sunday's loss should only serve as a reminder of what we already knew about the Jets: massive changes are needed, and most likely coming.


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