Seattle Seahawks Have What It Takes to Make a Deep Playoff Run

Danny Webster@@DannyWebster21Analyst IIIDecember 24, 2012

Russell Wilson may not win Rookie of the Year this year, but he has a real good chance of getting Seattle deep into the playoffs.
Russell Wilson may not win Rookie of the Year this year, but he has a real good chance of getting Seattle deep into the playoffs.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Remember the days when the Seattle Seahawks were one of the top teams in the NFL?

It seems like ages ago.

Not since the days of Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander has the 12th Man been buzzing with the excitement that will come when the playoffs begin. For the first time in the Pete Carroll era, Seattle is back on the football map.

Who would've thought that back in July?

I had an interesting choice of words in the offseason regarding Carroll and how he may be on the hot seat if Seattle didn't have a winning record this year. As expected, the flocks of Seahawks fans ripped me apart.

So it's only fair to say that the large amount of crow that's on my plate is never-ending. What has transpired over the last 16 weeks hasn't only changed my mind of this team, but has made me a believer in what this team can do in January.

It wasn't because of any doubts of what Russell Wilson could bring to the table. It was a matter of wondering if they could compete with the likes of a San Francisco and a Green Bay.

Albeit, the win against Green Bay will remain infamously controversial, but there is no debate as to who the better team is right now in the NFC West—and it's all because of that aforementioned rookie quarterback.

Wilson has brought a game-changing presence to the Seahawks organization that might not have been there if Matt Flynn was the starter. It takes a special type of player to come in and change the culture of a team.

From Wilson—to the confirming rebirth of Marshawn Lynch, to Golden Tate and Sidney Rice revitalizing their young careers and to the defense that has dominated all season—this organization has risen.

As of this past Sunday, the Seahawks have put the rest of the NFL on notice.

In short, Seattle has a complete team at its disposal that's peaking at the right time. Recent history shows us that's what gets teams to the Super Bowl. It seems absurd to believe that a rookie quarterback can lead a team deep into the playoffs, but the Seahawks have the pieces to do it. 

There's still plenty of time to determine if this can happen, but things will get a lot more interesting if Seattle clinches the division and Green Bay loses to Minnesota on Sunday. That would give Seattle a first-round bye.

No one's going to Seattle to beat the Seahawks. And there's a good chance that no team can beat the Seahawks right now, wherever they play.