Raptor's Chris Bosh Embroiled in a "He Said She Said" with Ex-Girlfriend

John SimsCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2009

It's been a less-than-stellar week off the court for Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh, as his ex-girlfriend, and mother of their four-month old daughter Trinity, has filed court papers against the NBA superstar in an effort to collect child support payments and gain sole custody of the child. 

According to The Toronto Star, Allison Mathis claims that in early 2009, she and Bosh had made the decision to get married, then made the consensual decision to have a child together. 

To speed up the process, Mathis took fertility drugs which were paid for by Bosh. Mathis alleges that upon returning from Beijing, where Bosh helped Team U.S.A. win Olympic gold, he broke up with the then seven-months pregnant Mathis, leaving her without medical insurance.  Bosh contested the pregnancy, until paternity tests revealed him to be the biological father of Trinity Mathers. 

When contacted, Bosh, celebrating his 25th birthday on March 24th, refused to comment. However, his Maryland attorney, Vincent Wills said, "Obviously, Chris denies all the allegations in the complaint. We're going to be filing our response to the filing within the next week or so."

And respond they did. 

Just two days later, on March 26th, Chris Bosh spoke about the allegations brought forth against him. In defending his character, Bosh said, "All I can say is that I'm going to take care of my responsibilities like I've been doing in the past and in the future and keep respecting everyone. I love my daughter, I love myself, and I respect her mother, and I'll leave it at that." 

But that's not all. The Globe and Mail reported that Bosh filed a petition six weeks post-breakup to begin arranging custody and financial support for his daughter Trinity. Also, in January 2009, when the paternity results proved Bosh to be the father, he filed an amendment to the original petition, in order to cover off care, custody, and support. 

So there, we have two sides of the story, a he-said-she-said battle between Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis.

But who's in the right?

In my opinion, based on Chris Bosh's reputation, immense charitable work, and alleged intent to provide support for his daughter almost immediately, I'd have to say that Bosh is far from the deadbeat dad that many media outlets have portrayed him to be.  Ms. Mathis seems bitter about how things transpired, and set out to try and besmirch the good name of the dismal Toronto Raptors' franchise player.