WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Why This PPV Needs to Be Bigger Than Rock/Cena

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 26, 2012


There are 31 days left until the Royal Rumble. Stop there if you really don't care. The WWE sure seems like it doesn't, and hasn't done enough to promote the first big pay-per-view of the new year like it should.

You know, this is the one that everyone should be talking about. Remember when The Rock made the announcement back at Raw 1000 that he would face the WWE Champion for the title? Everything seemed to be on pace for an epic, monumental clash of titans in Arizona until Ryback injured the current WWE Champion.

We should all be salivating over the idea of this match, but for some reason, the company has only given it a whimper of publicity.

Maybe Punk is right when he hobbles into the ring, grabs a microphone and says the obvious, which is he gets no respect from the WWE or the WWE Universe. Maybe he is right when he says wrestlers like Cena and "Dwayne" still get the nod as the lead dogs in the company. 

Maybe he and Paul Heyman are right when they say that after 400 days of being the current reigning undisputed champion, it still seems that no one gives a damn.

Blame that on the WWE and Vince McMahon, because if the company that signs his paycheck gave a damn, this matchup would be bigger than Rock/Cena for the simple fact the WWE title is on the line.

And with one month left of buildup, we really haven't seen a lot of support for it.

The reasons why this match may have lost the steam it could have built are so obvious, at least to me.

The Rock is not doing cameos like last year. The Rock is not sending taped salvos toward the "Second City Savior," and The Rock is not laying the SmackDown on his opponent with the same effect as when he met the Savior of the WWE.

The other reasons may be too much crowding at the top of the WWE food chain and too many angles going on at once for starters.

Ryback's run is slowed by Punk's injury (Ryback's doing). Usually when someone chases the champion, there are no interruptions other than an injury. You never saw Harley Race or Ric Flair stop in the middle of a title run or chase or feud to start another program. This is something foreign to the business.

There is too much confusion.

Although Punk was allowed to hold the title while injured (and I still think there should have been a title tournament while he has been out and another wrestler named champion), Punk could still have a chance to win it back and face The Rock in a later match. The way it was handled has lessened the importance of said title.

We care more about Sheamus and Big Show because we see them every week. And while it has lingered some because there is no other angle really worth watching, the two big men are putting on a hell of a feud much like Christian and Randy Orton did.

So when Punk is cleared to wrestle (well, let's hope he is or this will be the biggest fail in company history), do they amp up the coverage? Does The Rock make an appearance? Does Punk really drive the screws to him? Does Ryback become a part of this in some way? Too many questions to answer in a short amount of time.

And the reality is we have learned only one thing since Punk has been injured. It's all about timing. The WWE has become stagnant and the writers don't seem to be able to adjust on the fly.