Nike Christmas Day Shoes 2012: Ranking the Best Footwear of the Holiday

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistDecember 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of Nike Basketball
Photo courtesy of Nike Basketball

Christmas Day is great for NBA fans that love to see the top players and teams in the national spotlight. However, shoe fans can also enjoy the day as the sport's top stars debut some interesting footwear.

In one of the early games, Carmelo Anthony will wear an Air Jordan "White Christmas" M9 as he takes on the Los Angeles Lakers (via @Jumpman23). Unfortunately for him, Nike owns the spotlight on this day as superstars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant will all put on high-profile kicks.

While all of them have their own unique styles, only one can be the best. Here is a ranking of the top Nike shoes on Christmas.

Note: Photos courtesy of the NBA's official Twitter account and Nike Basketball


3. Kobe 8

While the shoe is apparently based on the rhinoceros pit viper, all that we can see is a varied array of colors that should not go together. 

It certainly allows whoever is wearing them to stand out in a crowd, although this is not in a good way.

Of course, Kobe Bryant might be one of few players that does not need help from his shoes to make himself known. If you are watching a Lakers game, just look for the player that is taking all of the shots.

This is also one of few basketball shoes with a low top—something that simply seems off.

If this is what one of the all-time greats wants to wear, good for him, but it is not the best shoe for mass appeal. 


2. KD V

This shoe is apparently based on video games. Not sure which game, but you can certainly see the digital design. It also has blurred lines to make you believe he is running at hyper speed. 

The color design will match well with uniforms of the Oklahoma City Thunder while still being unique on the court.

While this is a good look for the youth demographic, it once again moves away from the idea of the day: Christmas.

Durant could debut these shoes at any time of the year and they would be just fine. On this day, keep with the theme. 


1. LeBron X

Finally, someone puts on a shoe that represents the spirit of the holiday.

The overall design is already top notch, but the green and red color scheme makes it a perfect look for the nationally televised game.

More importantly, this shoe has the tools to make it useful on the court with "lightweight support and lockdown fit."

James is once again staying safe with his Christmas attire, but this is everything you could want on this day. He comes through with the best shoe on the top day of the NBA regular season.